3DK Render WAX Guild Report – July 2022

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We have not implemented significant changes to our infrastructure during the last period.

As producers, we suffered a loss of 15 rounds. Our failover system failed to perform a successful exchange to another of our booster producer nodes due to an error in its configuration.

This loss has led us to drop from the top 21 to Stand-by. It is a sample of how really complicated and hard the work is to be a top Block Producer in WAX. We will continue to work to improve our service so that we can regain trust and our former top position as soon as possible.

Product Development

Rada Quest Game

These are very difficult times for the entire crypto community in general due to the bear market. And these are also bad times for our team in particular, which is seeing the current source of financing for our projects in danger. For this reason we have focused all our efforts on moving forward with the new playable version of the Rada Quest TCG beta, even at the cost of delaying other projects.

The new version of the game is available on testnet for final testing. We have added new features:

– Card boosting -> https://radaquest.net/whitepaper/#boostinggamecards

– Card recycling (burn for tokens) -> https://radaquest.net/recycling-playing-cards

– CPU Stake for players for the amount spent in the in-game shop (up to 1000 WAX) for a period of 30 days.

CPU cost has always been a concern for players and also for us as developers. We believe we have implemented a really useful system for our players who will see their CPU consumption capacity increase thanks to their in-game purchases.

Even though our game is still at a very early stage, we have detected a strong use of multi-accounts to abuse our daily reward system. We have informed our players that from 1 September they will need to be an active player to continue receiving these rewards. Only players who own any NFT from our Game Art series or have a minimum of 1000 units of our Soul Crystal token in their in-game wallet will be considered as active players.

Rada Quest is double-verified on AtomicHub and this week we have also been double-verified by NeftyBlocks.

The release of the new beta on mainnet will be during the first week of August. It will be accompanied by the sales campaign for the first set of game cards.

We are coordinating the publicity with the WAX ambassador network.

We are also in contact with Flame, a new multi-chain gaming platform, to feature Rada Quest in their catalogue of games.

We are presenting some demonstration videos to the community. For now they are in Spanish. We will also publish demo videos in English.

FundingWAX (Discord Bot)

FundingWAX is a Discord bot that will serve to connect the Discord user community with their WAX accounts.

We have added new features to our Discord bot. Here is the current overview:

  • Verify and associate WAX accounts and Discord account.
  • Move WAX and any other tokens from the WAX wallet to the internal Discord wallet.
  • Make payments or deliver tips in Discord using WAX or any other token. The recipient does not need to be verified to receive a payment, but must be verified to make a withdrawal to the WAX Blockchain.
  • Discord channel participation rank system with role assignment.
  • Creation of contests for participation with WAX token rewards.

The bot is still on testnet due to our commitment to release the new version of Rada Quest in early August.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

Site: https://developer.wax.io

We continue with the translation of the site documentation into Spanish.

In addition, we have started a series of technical articles on managing AtomicAssets NFTs from JavaScript and smart contracts

new published:

  • Minting AA NFTs
  • Transfer AA NFTs
  • Managing Mutable Data in AA NFTs (pending aproval in Git)

Social Media

We continue working on the dissemination of WAX Blockchain community content and projects. Cristalla, our CM, is part of the WAX ambassador network. Some projects we have been promoting:

Don’t forget to follow us!
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  • Twitter:
    • https://twitter.com/queencristalla
    • https://twitter.com/MarcoS3DK
    • https://twitter.com/RadaQuestTCG
  • Instagram:
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