WAX Guild Report – August 2022

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Technical Operations

During the month of August we have made some upgrades to our infrastructure to improve performance and availability.

We have upgraded our SHIP and Query servers to support the strong growth of the WAX blockchain.

– AMD processors 7502P 32 cores

– 320 Gb RAM

– 16 Tb hard disk

We have also completed the replacement of all our producer nodes.

– AMD processors Ryzen 9 5950X 16 cores

– 128 Gb RAM

– 7 Tb hard disk NVMe SSD

We have extended the Hyperion cluster with a new node to improve sharding performance.

We have tried to help during the problems presented in WAX Blockchain on August 28 and 29 with testing, analyzing logs and configuration changes as far as we were able.

We continue to offer our infrastructure on Testnet:

– Block producer

– Atomic API: https://testatomic.3dkrender.com

– Full History: https://testnet-wax.3dkrender.com

– Seed node: testnet-p2p.3dkrender.com:9876

Product Development

Rada Quest Game

Website: https://radaquest.net

Dapradar: https://dappradar.com/wax/games/rada-quest-tcg

August has been a very important month in the development of our Rada Quest TCG game. On August 9th we released an important update and all our team has been working hard to follow up the launching, the attention to the players and the quick resolution of any bug or malfunction that may arise.

At the risk of suffering a penalty, we have stopped the development of the other projects we are working on so that this update would be welcomed by the community.

During the last months we have detected a certain feeling of disappointment among the WAX user community due to the multiple projects that dissipated like smoke or those other projects whose tokenomics were so lacking in value that they barely supported a few days the illusion of their users, who saw that their investment lost its value irretrievably.

As we have commented on other occasions, Rada Quest TCG is a game designed to maintain balance in its tokenomic system thanks to a permanent evolution roadmap and a very robust token usage system.

Thanks to this update, players can now be aware of part of this tokenomic system.

Game Resources

The game offers players a total of 10 resources, 7 of which are tradable as FT tokens.

There are 3 resources (food, wood and stone) that are obtained for free thanks to the production buildings of the player’s Chiefdom.

These resources will not be tradable to avoid the abuse of farmers trying to exploit the production to flood the markets with resources obtained for free.

However, we have designed a system thanks to which players will be able to profit from these productions in an indirect way thanks to card boosting and recycling, as we will explain below.

Each card has a system of attributes (experience, skill, attack, defense, looting) that must be boosted using the different resources obtained in the game.

Cards may be merged to obtain a higher power card (extended version). If the base cards have been correctly boosted, the extended version will be perfect and more powerful than if the base cards are unboosted. This is an incentive for resource consumption, as part of the game’s economy balancing system.

Those cards that the player wishes to discard may be recycled. Recycling destroys the NFT (burn) and generates new tokens according to the rarity and power of the card (less than the boosting cost).

Thanks to this system we can attract players with less economic resources, who will be able to generate free resources in Chiefdom and boost low-value cards, obtained as event rewards, to recycle and sell the tokens obtained, which can be traded.

This strategy is also intended to mitigate the damage caused by farmers and bots trying to exploit the free resources of the games.

We want Rada Quest to be a free-to-play/play-and-earn game but not a click-to-earn game.

As part of the active events, we have improved and expanded the ranking system of the weekly Gems mini-game tournaments.

Resources can not only be obtained by adding up combinations of gems on the board. Players are also eligible for weekly prizes, based on rankings, including tokens, resources and even card packs.

Compare the evolution with a tournament in May, e.g.

Due to the current conditions of the crypto market in general and also the overall mood of blockchain users, this new update is receiving modest and slow-growing attention, but with very good reviews.

We are currently working on the next update, which we expect to be released later this year, and which will include player-to-player card tournaments.

Growth on Twitter:

Rada Quest managed to rise among the top blockchain games

It even rose to the number one spot in popularity on WAX.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

We have added more Spanish translations to the documentation.

We are currently studying how to improve the presentation of some topics, as has been claimed in some Telegram channels by other users, who find the organization of some sections a bit confusing.

Social Media

We continue working on the dissemination of WAX Blockchain community content and projects. Cristalla, our CM, has received the Gold Badge in the WAX ambassador network.

Cristalla has participated in several interviews:

With Anyobservation

With neonspace nft


With blue dragon


twitter space with nftgamer


twitter space with dogefellas




Music Mogul Hip Hop

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