3DK Render Guild – April 2024 Report

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Website https://3dkrender.com/
Contact [email protected]
bp.json (mainnet) https://3dkrender.com/bp.json
bp.json (testnet) https://3dkrender.com/waxtest.json
producer (mainnet) 3dkrenderwax
producer (testnet) 3dkrenderwax
Guild Jurisdiction Spain


Over the last month we have experienced a few reboots of one of our nodes that make up the Hyperion data cluster. Thanks to redundancy, consistency and availability problems have been minimal. However, we are in the process of adding a new node to increase reliability and availability in case this problem persists and we have to permanently replace the affected node.

API Services

History (partial) History (full) History (testnet) AA API Light-API IPFS
[] [X] [x] [x] [] [X]
5.44M req/week 486K req/week 6.87M req/week 1.79K req/week

Others APIs: Roborovski, dfuse, …


Rada Quest (Trading Card Game)


List of SCs: radaquesttcg, radaunpacker, radarentmain, tarukofficer


We have incorporated a new artist to create the playing cards: Carmen Yanes

We continue working on the update that will include guilds.


30 days period. Data from DappRadar:

  • Rank 21 in the WAX games category
  • 357 UAW (Unique Active Wallets) 30 days average

Rada Quest Metrics

  • NFTs minted: until April 14th, 2024: 310,696
  • NFTs burned: until April 14th, 2024: 139,005
  • Rate of NFTs active: 55.2%

Rada Quest NFTs

NFT Holders

We’ve reached the milestone of over 7k holders for our collection.

FundingWAX – Discord Bot

URLshttps://test.fundingwax.com (testnet)

List of SCs: fundingwaxdk (testnet)


After updating all software, both client and server, to the new wharfkit library, we have activated the testnet version of the Discord bot on our own server.

Currently, users can perform the following tasks:

  • From Discord:

    • Verify/check WAX accounts
    • Make validated token deposits
    • Withdraw tokens
    • Send tips (transfers) to other Discord members
    • Create raffles with tokens as prizes
    • Check the value of a cryptocurrency
    • Check the balance of tokens
    • Check the activity rank of a user / all users
  • From the web dashboard:

    • Link WAX accounts to the Discord account (implicit verification)
    • Make validated token deposits
    • Withdraw tokens

FundingWAX Discord Bot FundingWAX Discord Bot FundingWAX Discord Bot FundingWAX Discord Bot


The application is in the testing phase. It currently only supports the use of the WAX testnet and can only be accessed from our public Discord server. Therefore, we do not have representative metrics.

Blenderizer Tools


List of SCs: blenderizerx

No updates in the last period.



List of SCs: tokenscrowdx

No updates in the last period.

WAX Developer Portal (community project)


We continue to contribute to the developer documentation portal with new translations into Spanish and the addition of new articles.


Rada Quest

Fan Art

We’re continuing our fan art contest while attracting the HIVE community to connect with our art and, consequently, our game.


We’ve partnered with the multi-chain street fighter-style game, Intraverse, providing a great opportunity to spotlight Rada Quest alongside other projects from different chains. For this occasion, the Intraverse team created a 3D model of our character, Ariana.



Marketing & Ecosystem Growth Summary

February 28 2024 to April 14 2024

During this period, we’ve focused on expanding our reach within the ecosystem through Twitter spaces and also on engaging with new gamer communities through networking.

  • Twitter: 23.2K impressions and 14541 Followers. Approximately +500 followers gained during this period.
  • X Space: 5 spaces as co-host, 4 spaces as guest. Total 9 spaces and approximate sum of reproductions so far + Tuned in:1000


  • WAX Hub: Rank number 1 with Influence 18.281 Reputation 48.394 Cristalla

X Threads Collaborations



Streaming sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday, featuring interviews, gameplay from different community games, and sharing the most significant news of the week.


  • Twitter spaces every Wednesday, and we’re gearing up for the convention in May.
    Link to Tweet


  • NFTOPIA Wednesday co-host
    Week 5 06-03-2024 Reproductions so far + Tuned in 313
    Link to Tweet

    Week 6 13-03-2024 Reproductions so far + Tuned in 490
    Link to Tweet

    Week 7 20-03-2024 Reproductions so far + Tuned in
    Link to Tweet

    Week 9 03-04-2024 Reproductions so far + Tuned in 61
    Link to Peek

    Week 10 10-04-2024 Reproductions so far + Tuned in 62
    Link to Tweet

  • WAX Guest
    WAX Women of WAX space Reproductions so far + Tuned in 61
    Link to Tweet

  • Intraverse guest
    Intraverse Road to NFT World Cup Reproductions so far + Tuned in 121
    Link to Tweet

    INTRAVERSE Intratalk ep 03 Reproductions so far + Tuned in 188
    Link to Tweet

  • Gaming community guest
    ITEMZ GAMES Reproductions so far + Tuned in
    Link to Peek

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