3DK Render WAX Guild – July 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

We have updated all our “nodeos” services, both in testnet and mainnet. Version 3.2.3wax01 has been installed on:

  • Production nodes
  • Peers
  • SHIP nodes

During the upgrade process, we have tried not to interrupt at any time the service offered, especially the Hyperion and Atomic API services, which have remained operational, both on testnet and mainnet, without problems.

We have only suffered a crash of several production nodes, the most affected being the testnet nodes, where we have lost several rounds of block production while we were fixing the problem. We have found no causality between the upgrade and the crashes.

At the same time as upgrading to Nodeos 3.2.3, we also upgraded our systems to leave Ubuntu 18 behind and upgrade to Ubuntu 20.

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

During the past few weeks, we have been fully engaged in the development of the game’s upcoming guild update. This is a highly significant update that requires extensive development work, so it will not be available until after the summer.

As we progress with the development of the new section of the game, we try to keep our community informed about it, always attentive to their feedback.

About new private shop for guild members:
Private Shop

About guilds commissions:
Guilds Commissions

However, we have not neglected the maintenance of the current version of the game. We have identified some dishonest or, at the very least, unsportsmanlike practices among a few of our players. As a result, we have taken measures to protect the rest of the player community:

  • Abandoned decks: Some players have been using multi-account systems to transfer cards from one account to another, artificially climbing the ranks in PvP leaderboards and maliciously reaping rewards. To address this behavior, we have implemented a system that allows active players who face opponents with abandoned decks to heavily penalize their defeats. As a result, these malicious players quickly lose a significant amount of points, dropping back to lower categories where they will receive lower rewards or no rewards at all. The initial results from the current Coliseum campaign’s first two rounds have been highly positive, and we expect this practice to be swiftly abandoned.
  • Time control in Gem games: We have also discovered that at least one player was able to deceive the game’s match duration system, easily climbing to the top position in the tournament. The player was notified of the penalty applied to their score, and we have implemented a patch to prevent similar manipulations in the future.

We highly value transparency and work consistently and closely with our user community to provide a quality game and a satisfying user experience.

We also adapt to comply with the legal regulations in Spain, our country of residence. This particularly applies to the new law that will come into effect in a few months, which will regulate, among other things, loot-boxes, a concept that encompasses the classic card packs widely used in our WAX community. These packs involve purchasing content that is random and unpredictable. We have expressed our concerns and shared our ideas with the community regarding how we can adapt to the new legal framework. The solution we are considering is to transition the packs solely as reward items (rather than for purchase) and sell the new cards through direct drops with fixed prices. This approach not only helps us comply with legal requirements but also significantly enhances the transparency of our card distribution system.


Rada Quest stats

As expected, the implementation of our rewards system for completing a daily quest route has had a very positive impact on game engagement. We have observed a significant increase in the average session time, as well as activity with NFTs, particularly in burning them to obtain more powerful versions of cards (Evolution) or to acquire the in-game token Soul Crystal (Recycling).

We have published a usage statistics report on the official game website and shared it with our community through social media:


Currently, the status of Rada Quest can be viewed on DappRadar for the last 30 days:


In the past 24 hours, we have witnessed a notable improvement in the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW), primarily due to user retention through the daily quest system:


Rada Quest in social media

As we continue to attract new audiences, it becomes crucial to educate users about the game’s features and possibilities. To reinforce this effort, we have prioritized the creation of informative audiovisual materials to showcase the full potential of the game, fostering further growth within our ecosystem. Additionally, an account has been created in the new Threads social network and community activity is being maintained.

Twitter stats


NFTopia 3

Rada Quest will participate in the highly anticipated NFTopia 3 event, where we will collaborate in various activities and host an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. This will serve as an exceptional platform to unveil the exciting updates and developments that await players in the upcoming phase of the game(Guilds and more). We look forward to this opportunity to connect with the broader NFT community and showcase our unique offerings.

Client/Server WAX Template

As developers of applications for WAX, we have often experienced the frustration of starting each new project almost from scratch. That’s why one of our longstanding concerns has been to create and share tools or templates with the entire developer community to facilitate this task.

As a reminder, here are some of our templates that have helped streamline the development of projects for WAX:

While these templates were a good starting point, they have become outdated, which is why we have designed a new template that is much more comprehensive, updated, and useful.

Client/Server Template (for WAX Blockchain Developers)

Over the years, we have gained experience in developing applications for blockchain environments, and one of the things we highly value is application security. That’s why we believe that any reputable application should consist of a client (publicly exposed) and a server (privately accessed). All sensitive operations should be performed on the server, outside the client environment, and there should be a reliable communication system between the client and server.

Our new template actually consists of two completely separate but interdependent applications:

  • The client allows users to authenticate themselves using their WAX wallet, request information from the server, and visualize the results.
  • The server enables the separation of all access control to proprietary databases, blockchain operations, etc. It receives requests from the client, processes them in a secure environment, and sends the results back to the client.

We have announced the release of our template on our blog and social media:

Roadmap: We will continue to update the template with more use cases and documentation, as well as strive to keep it up to date.

Blenderizer / TokensCrowd / FundingWAX (Discord Bot)

The problems of updating and refactoring these projects were precisely one of the reasons for the creation of the above-mentioned Client/Server template. Thanks to this template we can recover the roadmap of these projects that have been paralysed for the last few months.

In the case of Blenderizer our intention is to develop a web interface to help users manage the ingredients of their collections and take advantage of the important benefits offered by the v2 version of Blenderizer.

The FundingWAX code has been completely refactored and we hope to be able to show in the next report some progress from live testing on our Discord server.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

We continue our commitment to updating the WAX Developers portal, reviewing and creating content and helping with translations. During the last few weeks we have been keeping an eye on the deployment of the new version of the portal and helping as much as possible to facilitate it.

Our last direct contribution has been the creation of the necessary scenario to offer the content of the portal translated into Spanish. Thanks to the changes registered in that commit, any contributor can prepare the scenario for any other language.

3DK Render in social media

Expanding Presence and Engaging with the Community, Cristalla has continued to expand her reach on Twitter, boasting excellent metrics and robust engagement. In addition to maintaining her Twitter presence, this month Cristalla has focused on connecting with the audience through live streams on the Twitch platform. By playing various games from the ecosystem and sharing updates about the latest developments on WAX, all live streams are available on her Twitch channel for users to catch up on the latest news and engage with the team.

Twitter stats


Twitch channel



NFTopia 3

During the NFTopia 3 event, Cristalla will extend its support by providing comprehensive coverage of the entire event on her Twitch channel throughout the entire weekend. By encouraging community participation and inviting users to join the event and also hosting the AMA session for Rada Quest, enabling us to directly interact with our players, address their inquiries.

AtomicHub Game Fest

Participating as an official streamer during the Atomichub Game Fest this month, playing Acryptia on day 7 of the event, Cristalla not only provided entertainment but also actively engaged with the event’s attendees, further strengthening the bond between our project and the gaming community.



Supporting the initiative and performing tasks to help the ecosystem within the community. Currently one of the first in the ranking and with a lot of engagement.



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