3DK Render WAX Guild – October 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

We have upgraded our Atomic API services to version 1.3.21 (Mainnet and Testnet)

Our Hyperion API services are now running version 3.3.9-8 (Mainnet) and 3.3.7 (Testnet)

Service Stats

  • Only include successful requests (HTTP 200)
  • Include the last 7 full days of usage

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

As is already known, due to the market situation, the possibilities of expanding staff are very limited, so the development of our applications and tools, in general, is much slower than expected.

The development of the new guild section is ongoing, and we have started private tests on the testnet with the help of some community volunteers.

However, we have been adding new improvements in other sections of the game

  • Update session management to Wharfkit
  • Wombat collaboration
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Rada Quest 1.1.4

Wombat Collaboration

To participate in the collaboration, it is necessary to log in to Rada Quest TCG with the Wombat wallet, and upon completing certain daily game missions, a reward of an agreed number of Wombucks (Wombat’s own token) is received directly in the users’ wallets.

We just started the collaboration on November 12, so it’s still early to show usage metrics.

We show some links of the announcements made to the community:


We believe this is an excellent opportunity to attract new users not only to Rada Quest in particular, but to the entire WAX ecosystem in general. The Wombat user community is more than 2 million users.

Some Stats

As we expected, after the end of the summer the statistics of access for new users and return of existing users have increased significantly

Rada Quest Stats
Rada Quest Stats
Rada Quest Stats

X (Twitter)

Our social network X remains the focal point for our players, serving as their primary source for game updates and guides. We’ve observed a heightened appreciation among players for content focused on patch notes for each version and monthly game statistics. With our growing player base, we are dedicated to continually educating them on all available features.

Rada Quest continues to expand its influence, solidifying its position as a top game within the community.

Rada Quest Stats twitter

Client/Server WAX Template

No updates this month

Blenderizer Tools

Blenderizer tools is a tool designed to serve as a front-end for our smart contract Blenderizer.

We continue to expand the functionalities of the tool. During this month we have worked on the implementation of the creation and management of collections.

Blenderizer Tools

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer Portal

We continue our commitment to updating the WAX Developers portal.

New article added: Claiming Cloud Wallet Accounts

(There is a copy of the article in our blog: https://3dkrender.com/take-ownership-of-wax-cloud-wallet-accounts)

3DK Render Social Media

About Wombat Collaboration

Following the integration with the Wombat wallet, our integration has been further enhanced with the addition of Wharfkit, which has proven to be a big hit with players. Thanks to an article published by us that explains how to claim ownership of CloudWallet wallets (mentioned in a previous point), many of our users have adopted Wombat without having to give up their old wallet.

Our collaboration remains ongoing, with further details to be provided in the next report.


Throughout the month, we maintained our support for various projects, explored new games, and actively engaged in activities aimed at introducing the Blockchain to new users while educating existing ones about the latest ecosystem updates.

Cristalla is actively contributing with NFTopia and now as a staff, She has a increase in her Twitch stream viewership. Her Twitter threads within the X social network have also garnered significant anticipation among her followers.



This month, she had the privilege of hosting Tommy from WAX as a guest. During this session, she not only introduced him to the world of Rada Quest but also engaged in discussions about ecosystem updates. They also explored topics related to the WAX Hub and the Ambassador Program.

The replay is available for viewing here.

Videos Collaborations

Alien Worlds

Starship Beyond

Giveaways Collaborations

Alien Worlds


X Threads Collaborations

Alien Worlds

Starship: Beyond

Taco: Combz


Alien worlds

X Space

Marcos and Cristalla were featured guests in an event hosted by EOS Mexico, where they engaged in a discussion about WAX Blockchain and delved into all aspects of AntelopeIO. The primary objective of this participation was to inform EOS Mexico’s user community about the latest developments in WAX and the potential offerings within the ecosystem.


Supporting the initiative and performing tasks to help the ecosystem within the community. Currently #2 in the ranking and with a lot of engagement.


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