3DK Render WAX Guild – April 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

All 3DK Render nodes are upgraded to Antelope 3.1

  • P2P nodes
  • Producer nodes
  • SHIP node
  • Query node

Atomic API is upgraded to Antelope 3.1 (SHIP node) and Atomic V1.3.17

Hyperion API is upgraded to Antelope 3.1 (SHIP node) and Hyperion V3.3.9-4


We continue to offer all testnet services (Antelope 3.1)

  • P2P nodes
  • Producer nodes
  • SHIP node
  • Atomic API
  • Hyperion API

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

March saw the first PvP campaign in Rada Quest TCG.

Players have a limited number of free tickets to enter the Coliseum to face another player. Once the free tickets have been consumed they must purchase more tickets if they want to continue participating in the PvP.

The payment of tickets is done with in-game tokens, being one of the different use cases of tokens to provide value.

The second PvP campaign is already underway and will end on May 2nd. Campaigns will be held on a regular basis.

Here are some data for the month of March:

  • Gems Mini-Game played: 7,110
  • Unique players at Coliseum: 290
  • Coliseum battles: 127,151
    • Victories: 90,282
    • Defeats: 36,869
  • Coliseum tickets purchased: 47,070 Soul Crystal paid: 395,700

DappRadar statistics (last 30 days):



Rada Twitter

Referral program:

During the month of March we have enabled the referral system that allows players to earn commissions on game tokens (currently 4% of purchases with Soul Crystal) thanks to the purchases of other players.

Referral System

Next goals:

  • We are currently working on the Guild system so that players can group together and perform activities together and qualify for exclusive rewards.
  • We will create a reward ratio system for the referral system.
  • Thanks to the rewards of existing events and the consumption of specific resources in these events, players are beginning to see their token balances become unbalanced. For this reason, it is urgent to deploy a new building in the development system that allows transforming some tokens into others (with the consumption of resources in the form of fees that will help to give value to the tokens).

FundingWAX – Discord Bot

During this month we have resumed the development of our Discord Bot “FundingWAX” after being forced to stop its development due to the dismissal of the developers in charge of it.

Our current goal is to adapt the bot so that it can be integrated with gamification activities with WAX projects. We will start testing with activities that are linked to our game Rada Quest. We want to create a tool that dynamizes user communities around their favorite applications and games.

As a reminder, these are some of the functions already available in the bot:

  • WAX-Discord account verification.
  • Deposits and withdrawals of WAX tokens to Discord wallet,
  • Sending “tips” (WAX projects tokens) between Discord users.
  • Contests with WAX projects tokens as prizes.
  • Ranking system by participation.
  • Multi-Server support.

To Do:

  • NFT management. Transfers, alerts, giveaways, etc.
  • Integration with other WAX projects.

TokensCrowd – WAX DAO Platform

There is nothing new in the development of the project. We are currently working on solving a problem with the end of the voting periods for community proposals.

As part of the solution to the problem we have developed a simple block explorer to support transaction review. We have exposed this explorer in the WAX Developer portal documentation and have published an open source example in our GitHub repository.

Blenderizer V2

We are aware that the new functions of the updated smart contract “Blenderizer” are hardly being used. For this reason we are studying the creation of our own web interface to facilitate these activities.

We hope to bring updates on this project very soon.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

As I mentioned, we have added to the WAX developer help portal an example of a simple block explorer. The program connects to a SHIP to receive, evaluate and act on information received on the blockchain blocks in real time.

The text is accompanied by example source code:


In response to the request to change the documentation system to another type of framework such as Vuepress I have been investigating different options. I have discarded Vuepress due to the outdatedness of its components. Among the possible alternatives I am leaning towards Docusaurus, a framework that combines React, markdown and extended markdown. It is widely used as a document framework by many projects in the crypto ecosystem. It not only has the document system of indexed pages; it also includes a landing page and blog system.

I am currently in the process of updating the documentation of our Rada Quest project with this framework. I believe that both the results of this change and the multiple examples of use that are on the Internet can serve to take this alternative as a viable option.

Social Media

Great user retention and engagement on posts, making polls, questions, twitter threads and mini guides. We have had a lot of interaction from the community, as they share their anecdotes about their experience playing the coliseum. We have attended interviews interviews and more to promote the game.


Collaborating as partners with the zombiecoin project in different activities.


Rada Quest will participate in NFTopia on April 28th, with a booth and AMA to show all the new features of the game.

Cristalla will participate as a speaker at the event at the “Talk Slot”

She has also been supporting the new NFTopia school initiative that is being held every week.

Twitter Cristalla

She has continued to make twitter threads and is becoming more and more accepted in the community, she has gained a lot of new followers and a lot of interaction, and her content is becoming more and more popular within the ecosystem. Most shared Twitter thread of this cycle is the Alien Worlds one.

Twitter threads



Lives & Interviews

International Women’s Day Twitter Space on WAX twitter

Interview to the art director of Novopangea (Andres Cruz)


Cristalla started doing live on twitch sharing with her community and playing different games from the wax ecosystem, she has gained a lot of followers in the last weeks. she will continue to update.



Supporting the ecosystem from the wax hub platform, sharing about different projects such as Apex Kings, Blockchain Brawlers and all the news about wax. Currently waiting for the silver ambassador badge.


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