3Dk Render WAX Guild – February 2022 Report

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Product Development


Blenderizer is a smart contract designed to gamify NFT collections. Its fundament is to reduce the number of NFTs in a collection by burning several units to obtain a new NFT of higher rarity.

These are the usage statistics for the last 6 months (February incomplete added)

Month NFT Burned NFT Minted New Blends Created Collections Unique Users Total Actions
August 526,654 94,065 3,407 328 5,705 908,859
September 554,045 139,526 4,868 310 6,272 1,120,069
October 178,239 45,093 722 222 2,770 361,438
November 1,049,808 245,986 1,899 290 8,276 2,252,534
December 512,915 134,702 1,897 267 7,102 1,101,211
January 303,847 68,276 1,912 273 4,697 731,598
February 266,178 57,005 1,364 275 5,139 536,459

Evolution of unique users

Unique Users

New blends created
New Blends

Rada Quest TCG

We continue to focus on the development of our main project, the strategy and collectible card game Rada Quest.


We have implemented a Wiki on the official website of the game and we are adding all the necessary documentation to know all the details of the project.

  • NFT Collections
  • Events
  • Tutorials
  • Gameplays
  • etc.

Rada Wiki

Usage statistics

The game is still at a very early stage. Currently players can perform these actions:

  • Receive daily rewards for login
  • Opening packs
  • Mixing shards to get collectible NFTs
  • Playing the Gems game (Jewelry type)

According to dappRadar, Rada Quest ranks 26th in the WAX games category by number of users in the last 30 days range.


These are some of the statistics that we have elaborated from blockchain transactions:

Gems mini-game (weekly):

Tournamet Unique Players Games played WAX Pot
1 120 1452 10.00
2 96 900 12.50
3 93 1075 53.00
4 80 988 32.50
5 87 849 56.00
6 83 1063 37.50
7 81 765 35.00
8 73 716 12.50
9 102 988 127.85
10 129 1665 130.05
11 100 998 22.25
12 81 793 24.70

New Releases

On 26 February the new version will be released with new features in the game:

  • The game account pays for the CPU of player transactions.
  • An exchange system is implemented between the players’ internal wallet and their WAX wallet.
  • The weekly Gems tournaments incorporate a new category system according to the final score. Thanks to this system, players can be grouped according to their scores in similar leagues.
  • The Discord game bot service has been improved.

Taruk Bot

Next Goals

We are working on the development of the next targets:

  • System for generating resources from upgradable buildings.
  • System for upgrading playing cards.

This will be a very important phase in the game as the usability of the generated resources (FTs) as consumables to upgrade cards will be the pillar of the game economy.

We are aiming for this phase to be released in April 2022.

When this phase is released it will be accompanied by the sale of the first set of playing cards.

WAX-Development Documentation

During the month of February we have developed a dynamic system to convert the WAX-Develop documentation portal into a multi-language site.

Thanks to this system it is very easy to create translated documents and have them automatically indexed.

Our next goal is to complete the translation of the site content into Spanish.

Community Engagement


Connection problems with Anchor Wallet on WAX Blockchain?

How to view your token icon in markets and chain explorers

Blog (https://3dkrender.com)

Stats from last 30 days:

Activity has been quite irregular but with a noticeable upward trend.

It is worth noting that the articles about WAX game programming are the ones that attract the most attention.

top read

YouTube Collaborations

We continue to work with the commitment to help and introduce new collections into the ecosystem by offering our social channels.

Proyect Link Date
WARSPACE https://youtu.be/UXNIvFngTHU 18-01-2022
COINPIRATES https://youtu.be/PNozXHmn7MA 26-01-2022
COINPIRATES https://youtu.be/ZnmFL7a_OYw 28-01-2022
POPCORPART https://youtu.be/lj0z5Vc6SyQ 07-02-2022
ZOMBIECOIN https://youtu.be/wfBlK0Nclys 08-02-2022
ATOMIC BATTLE https://youtu.be/a_LJwnHh8Kw 09-02-2022
POPCORPART https://youtu.be/jIh8AG2CYow 15-02-2022
NOVOPANGEA https://youtu.be/jIh8AG2CYow 19-02-2022
ATOMICBATTLE https://youtu.be/W3UXGe8Rj9E 22-02-2022

Twitter Collaborations

Proyect Link Date
@PandoMemes https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1481725515958476801 13-01-2022
@SnkrsWax https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1482740378369511430 16-01-2022
@coin_pirates https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1483632122631962625 18-01-2022
@Rearmed_Project https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1490414596880019466 06-02-2022
@NoaCollectibles https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1490415555517599750 06-02-2022
@ZombiecoinNFT https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1490416873841868803 06-02-2022
@POPCORP_ART https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1490420713546731528 06-02-2022
@Novopangeaio https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1494344221490388998 17-02-2022
@KawaiiEvoNFT https://twitter.com/queencristalla/status/1496929239278493697 24-02-2022

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