3DK Render WAX Guild – November 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

We are updating our infrastructure to version 4 of nodeos. During the upgrade on the mainnet of our Peer nodes, we experienced a system crash that resulted in the loss of 5 rounds on our producer nodes.

We have added, both on testnet and mainnet, the publication of the USDT-USD and USDC-USD pairs to Delphioracle

We continue to offer our usual services on both mainnet and testnet.

Service Stats

  • Only include successful requests (HTTP 200)
  • Include the last 7 full days of usage
Service Key Requests
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_info 389,938
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_account 212,579
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_block 892,590
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_abi 346
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_required_keys 346
Hyperion /v1/chain/get_table_rows 8,031,740
Hyperion /v1/chain/push_transaction 81,682
Hyperion /v2 249,178
Query /v1/chain/get_info 961,570
Query /v1/chain/get_account 77,882
Query /v1/chain/get_block 888,817
Query /v1/chain/get_abi 4
Query /v1/chain/get_required_keys 645,670
Query /v1/chain/get_table_rows 1,936,379
Query /v1/chain/push_transaction 0
Query /v2 0
Atomic /atomicassets/ 467,305
Atomic /atomicmarket/ 1,587,958
IPFS GET /ifps/ 2,175

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

Development Status

During this period we have continued to work on the development of the new version of Rada Quest. We have focused on the development of the new game interface and the integration of the new game mechanics.

In addition to continuing the development of the guilds section, we have added or improved other sections:

  • Improve Mail system (in production).
  • New quests section (in testing phase).
  • Improve the opening packs section (in testing phase).
  • Activate Player Kill mode for Coliseum (in testing phase).

Updates that are not yet in production will be deployed in a next update once they pass the testing phase.

New Cards

As can be seen in the statistical report (see below), the relationship between cards created and cards destroyed is very positive, with a clear trend towards deflation. With this data in view we can continue with our intention of generating new cards periodically to create a living story as the background of the game.

Of course, the level of quality of our illustrations continues to be fundamental to us. We maintain contact with more illustrators in the hope of being able to increase our catalog of authors. Regarding the use of AI for the creation of artwork, our position remains to not use it for the creation of card artwork. We maintain our commitment to the manual work of artists through tools such as digital drawing or 3D tools.

New Cards

Regarding the art of the game we intend to start a series of Fan-Art contests in the Hive Blog community. We have resumed our activity in that community with the intention of increasing our presence on social networks and being able to reach a broader audience that also shares the profile of blockchain users.

We want to achieve a dynamic of distributing new cards through events such as Coliseum campaigns.

To guarantee the scarcity and collector value of our most important cards (especially the legendary editions) we ensure the issuance limit by closing the NFT templates.

Statistics and PKI analysis of the game.

In order to keep our community as informed as possible regarding the evolution of Rada Quest, we have published an extensive and detailed analysis of Rada Quest statistics and PKIs covering the last two months.

In the report we cover topics such as:

  • User evolution; new accounts and game sessions.
  • Economy of NFTs; evolution of NFTs created and destroyed as a game activity.
  • Situation of the game’s economy through the analysis of the use of its main token: Soul Crystal.

The full document can be seen in our publication here:

We have shared the link to said publication on our social networks so that the entire community can be informed.

Client/Server WAX Template

We have waited for the publication of the new updates to the Wharfkit library to update our template.

Finally, these updates saw the light of day in mid-November with the Wharfkit 1.0 version.

During the next few days we will work to incorporate the new Session and Contract classes and thus definitively abandon the “eosjs” library

Blenderizer Tools

We have been working to resolve some errors that affected the publication of files on our IPFS server. Users can now store and publish their NFT images on our IPFS server through our collection creation and management tool.

We continue working on offering blend creation functions and models for pairing and exchanging NFTs between different collector communities.


We have worked on updating the TokensCrowd client to adapt it to the new Wharfkit session service. For this, we have used our public template ‘Client/Server WAX Template’.

This template incorporates an updated version of the NextUI library, so we have had to completely redesign the entire interface of the tool.

We have taken the opportunity of the update to incorporate the Wombat wallet into the login options. Currently, WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, and Wombat can be used.

We continue to work on expanding its functions.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer Portal

During this period we have continued with the review and translation of content into Spanish. We have translated the “Deploy Dapps on WAX” entire section.

The portal is going to be updated with the VitePress framework, so we are analyzing how to migrate the internationalization section. Usually we have been in charge of maintaining the structure required to offer the platform in different languages.

3DK Render Social Media

During this recent period, there has been a substantial surge in the social presence and collaborations. As always, our X platform (Twitter) remains the primary conduit with our players, disseminating all news to great reception. Our users consistently enjoy and engage with each of our daily posts.


Our ongoing collaboration with Wombat has seen the incorporation of our Game Art into the stake for Dungeon Master Game. Recognizing a significant overlap in player communities between our games, this collaboration proves beneficial for both parties, serving as a pivotal component within the ecosystem.


NFTopia Lite

Rada Quest took center stage as one of the primary projects at NFTopia Lite on November 4th and 5th. Attendees had the opportunity to visit our booth, explore the game, win prizes, and engage with our staff, addressing queries and concerns.



We’re pleased to announce a remarkable collaboration with Pixygon, wherein our beloved character Taruk has been transformed into a playable skin in Pixiel: Dreadwager.




In December, we’re excited to participate alongside numerous WAX projects at the UK Comic Con, thanks to the initiative of DrawnCompany with WAX. Further details will be shared in the upcoming report.


As we gear up for the holiday season, we’ll be partaking in the advent calendar alongside various community projects, contributing to the spirit of sharing within the ecosystem.

Cristalla report

Continuing to expand its footprint within the live streaming scene, it actively supports various projects and games within the ecosystem. The community highly values her content on X, particularly informative threads.

X profile


Her reach has grown, with the volume of ecosystem users consuming live content steadily increasing this season. Live streaming serves as a means for her to extend reach to new communities by broadcasting events and creating content collaboratively with other contributors.

Full coverage of the NFTopia Lite event was provided.

Cristalla and Tommy from WAX had a game session of Pixiel: Dreadwager.





Giveaways Collaborations


X Threads Collaborations

Pixygon: Pixiel




Halloween WAXWednesday


WAXWednesday Streamers


This month, within the Ambassador Program, she has successfully claimed the #2 Gold Ambassador Badge 2023.


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