3DK Render WAX Guild – January 2024 Report

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Technical Operations

Currently, our mainnet validation nodes are running version 4.0.4. In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we have been testing new servers to enhance the performance of our nodes. The upgrade to Intel i9-13900 processors has resulted in a significant performance increase, as can be seen in the following image:

CPU Benchmark

We are working on updating our AtomicAssets APIs from version 1.3.21 to version 1.3.24, but unfortunately, we are encountering some issues that are causing delays (errors in the database update). We hope to have it ready in the coming days.

In Testnet, we are testing version 5.0.0 of nodeos.

We continue to offer AtomicAssets API, Hyperion, query, and seed node services in both mainnet and testnet.

Service Stats

  • Only include successful requests (HTTP 200)
  • Include the last 7 full days of usage
IPFSGET /ifps/1,307

The Hyperion and Query services are showing a notable increase in requests compared to previous periods.

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

Development Status

The Christmas holiday period has slowed down the development of Rada Quest TCG. However, we have made progress in implementing the new guilds section, which we hope to launch in the coming weeks.

New Cards

We are pleased to announce a new artistic collaboration for the creation of new cards. This collaboration is with the artist Catrynart, who is creating a series of illustrations that will become cards for Rada Quest TCG.

Some examples of her work:


Collaborating with new artists is one of our most important goals. We want Rada Quest TCG to be a platform where artists can showcase their work and earn income and visibility for it. Unfortunately, our financial limitations prevent us from engaging in all the collaborations we would like, but we hope to continue growing and collaborating with more artists in the future.

We want to remind you that, as can be deduced from the game’s statistics, our main source of funding comes from the Guild BP earnings on WAX.

Some Stats

Statistics of the Rada Quest TCG portal between December 1, 2023, and January 13, 2024:

Rada Quest TCG Stats

We have noticed a slight decrease in activity, around 10%, which we believe is due to the Christmas holidays.

The Rada Quest TCG NFT collection on AtomicHub remains in a modest but stable position, as can be seen in the following image (position 120), which shows the sales volume of the last 60 days (source: waxmarketcap):

Rada Quest TCG Stats

Similarly, according to data collected by dappradar, Rada Quest TCG remains in position 31 of the most popular games on WAX:

Rada Quest TCG Stats
Rada Quest TCG Stats

Hive Community

We have activated several promotions on Hive Blog with the goal of attracting new players to Rada Quest TCG and therefore to WAX.

Rada Quest Hive Community

This is a permanent event. With this promotion, we aim to get Hive users to register on Rada Quest TCG, start playing, and share their experiences in the Hive community. In exchange, users will receive rewards in the form of Rada Quest TCG NFTs or other in-game items, so they will need to have a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Rada Quest Art Contest

This is an art contest in which Hive users can participate by creating illustrations inspired by the universe of Rada Quest. The winners will receive rewards in the form of Rada Quest TCG NFTs or other in-game items, so they will need to have a WAX Cloud Wallet account. The contest is currently underway and will be held every 2 weeks.

We believe that synergy with the Hive community can be very interesting as it is a community deeply connected to blockchain ecosystems and the web3 environment.

Social engagement

During this period, we have maintained our active social media presence and continued to foster collaborations. We have surpassed the milestone of creating over 5000 accounts within the game, and our efforts to attract new players are ongoing, focusing on informing them about the game’s diverse gameplay, community features, and other offerings.

UK Comic Con

Rada Quest was prominently featured alongside various projects in the WAX ecosystem at the UK Comic Con. Our participation highlighted the game’s unique aspects and community engagement. For more details, see our tweet:


Our participation in the #WAXHolidaysCalendar during the festive season led to significant engagement, including increased social media interactions and player involvement. For more information, visit:

XMAS Crossover with Aphelium Game

A notable collaboration took place during the XMAS Crossover with Aphelium, where one of our characters was featured as a BOSS in an exciting in-game event, adding a unique twist to the gameplay experience.



Excitingly, we are set to become partners with WUFFI!, the new memecoin on WAX. This collaboration will enable our players to acquire $WUF in various ways within Rada Quest. Further details will be provided in the upcoming report.

Twitter Stats

Twitter Stats

Client/Server WAX Template

We continue working on improving the public access template for the creation of client/server applications for WAX.

This template is designed to facilitate access to the WAX Blockchain ecosystem for developers who do not have experience in developing within this environment.


  • Support for Wombat Wallet
  • Multi-account support

Public repository: https://github.com/3dkrender/WAX_CS_Template

Blenderizer Tools

We continue working on the frontend tool for using our smart contract Blenderizer. We have optimized the code to speed up searches for collections and ingredients that can be used to create new NFTs through the mixes registered in the smart contract.

We are currently working on the ingredient matching system between different users to facilitate direct exchange between them.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer Portal

We continue to collaborate with the development and improvement of the WAX developers’ documentation portal. In this period, we have contributed to the implementation of the multi-language system and the translation of the documentation into Spanish.

Additionally, we have included an article on the use of the Wharfkit framework for maintaining multiple sessions in web applications.

Cristalla Report

During this period, Cristalla has engaged in numerous collaborations on both X and Twitch, experiencing significant growth in her followers.

Twitter Stats

Twitter Stats

Creator Spotlight

In acknowledgment of her Ambassador badge on WAX’s X, an interview highlighting Cristalla’s achievements and contributions has been featured in the community.

Giveaways Collaborations

Metropolis Origins




X Threads Collaborations



Mickey Funko


This period has been marked by active engagement, focusing on expansion to provide more content and coverage for various projects. Currently, she hosts live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, playing different games from the ecosystem, conducting interviews, and discussing vital topics for the community.

xMasGameFest (Intraverse)

Comprehensive coverage of the event was carried out as the official streamer partner, guiding players through the festival’s intricacies, providing insights on gameplay options, giveaways, and highlighting all crucial aspects of the event.

The VOID matches from the event can be viewed here:

Warm Up

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

AMA with Metropolis Origins

AMA with ConsumerBreak for Rada Quest


Cristalla continues to support the initiative as part of the staff, actively promoting the event and its upcoming sessions.

WAX Hub Second position within the platform.


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