3DK Render WAX Guild – August 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

August has been a tragic month for our infrastructure. At the end of July, our Hyperion service began showing signs of malfunction. We worked on its tuning, but the entire cluster eventually collapsed and self-destructed, resulting in the loss of all information from the Elasticsearch nodes that composed it. Faced with these events, we made the decision to renew all the hardware to install a completely new and updated cluster. Due to this issue, our public historical query service was interrupted for two weeks, the time it took to prepare the new hardware and install the entire service.

Currently, since mid-August, the system is operating with full functionality and providing a FULL historical record.

On August 28th, we detected failures in the publication of DelphyOracle data by our Guild due to the exchange we monitor delisting the WAX-ETH pair. We have made necessary adjustments to recover the pair’s information, and additionally, we have added the WAX-EOS pair.

We have also observed unusual increases in latency in the production nodes of the testnet. We are making changes to the configurations and testing the update on some of our testnet nodes to version 4.0.4.

We are continuing the usual services in testnet with Hyperion (full), Atomic API, peers, SHIPs, and producers.

Service Stats

  • Only include successful requests (HTTP 200)
  • Include the last 7 full days of usage

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

Guild Section Development Update

We are continuing with the development of the guild section. Currently, we have completed 90% of the member management section:

  • Searching for guilds
  • Joining/canceling membership requests
  • Approval/rejection of membership requests
  • Leaving the guild
  • Member expulsion

Our upcoming goals before a public release are:

  • Guild shop (80% completed)
  • Resource consumption commission management
  • New building for resource exchange

As per our usual work approach, we have been waiting to have the guild section in a viable state of development before initiating the public sale of the NFTs associated with the guilds. During the month of September, we will begin with advertising and deploying these NFTs, which will be directly sold through the drop systems of NeftyBlocks and NFTHive.

We keep our community updated on our progress through our Discord and Twitter channels.

Discord Sneek Peek

Some stats

During the last two months, especially in August, we have observed a significant decrease in usage statistics. We believe this is a natural trend due to the time of the year when many people are on vacation, enjoying the summer season.

july 2023
august 2023

We have published a detailed report of the month of July on the official blog, and the report for August will be available soon.


Last 30 days stats (WAXMarketCap):

Rada Quest Stats

Last 30 days stats (DappRadar): DappRadar

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadaQuestTCG

Rada Quest Twitter

NFTopia 3

Our participation in NFTopia encompassed a robust calendar of activities for each day. Players, including new users, engaged with our events in an exceptionally positive manner. When assessing the impact, our participation rates were notably high. An Ask Me Anything (AMA) session was conducted on Cristalla’s Twitch channel, offering insights into new aspects of the game and attracting new players. A peek into our activity calendar:


We have successfully integrated the Wallet Wombat with our game login. Work is underway to implement an activity tally within Rada, which will coincide with a collaborative event alongside Wombat. The aim is to attract new users from their platform to Rada Quest. More details on this will be provided in an upcoming report.


Additional noteworthy aspects include the sustained player engagement through casual events and other strategic tools.

Client/Server WAX Template

Recap: This template offers all the software infrastructure to start a typical client/server application for a WAX Blockchain environment.

We have carried out a significant update on our public Github repository. The main changes are:

  • Replacement of UAL with WharfKit
  • Upgrade to React-Router v6
  • Update of NextUI library to v2

Next goals: Our next goal will be to expand the documentation and promotion of this tool. We believe it is of great utility for all those who want to start in the development of applications for the WAX Blockchain.



We are working on a portal that offers all the functionalities of our Blenderizer smart contract. Furthermore, considering the situation of Pink.gg and the uncertainty about the continuity of its services as a marketplace, we want to include all the necessary tools for the creation and management of NFTs from this portal.

The site is in a very early stage of development but already has some interesting features (available to the public):

  • Display of collections with blends where the user holds any of the required ingredients in their wallet. Upcoming:
    • Creation of collections, schemas, and templates.
    • Blend creation.
  • Display of all available blends for the collection. Upcoming:
    • Blend execution.
    • Ingredient search for exchanging/buying.
  • Resource management. Users can view the token balance of their collection and their own wallet. Upcoming:
    • Sending/withdrawing tokens for the advanced blends in Blenderizer version 2.

As a demonstration, we have implemented a system for Rada Quest users that allows them to search for other users to exchange ingredients of the Game Art NFTs from the game. The system associates users based on the ingredients they need and have in surplus.

Rada Shards

Note: This tool is being developed using our Client/Server WAX Template.

Link to Blenderizer Tools: https://blenderizertools.net

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer Portal

We continue our commitment to updating the WAX Developers portal, reviewing and creating content and helping with translations.

New article added: Introduction to using WharfKit with React

3DK Render Social Media

Expanding Presence and Engaging with the Community, Cristalla has continued to expand her reach on Twitter, boasting excellent metrics and robust engagement.

This month, she has strategically engaged in multiple collaborations, significantly broadening her outreach within the X platform. Additionally, she maintains an active Twitch streaming schedule, showcasing her prowess across diverse gaming titles. Notably, she received an exclusive invitation to serve as a co-host on the #WAXWednesday space, hosted by WAX.

twitter stats

Videos Collaborations

Giveaways Collaborations

X Threads Collaborations

NFTopia 3 Throughout NFTopia 3, comprehensive coverage was provided across all three days. Cristalla made impactful contributions by disseminating real-time updates through her social media channels, and actively engaging in key events such as the talent show and the Rada Quest AMA. Some nsights:

X (Twitter) Space

#WAXWednesday PFP Roundtable As a co-host for this engaging subject matter that has roused considerable interest within the ecosystem, an insightful session of participant questioning was conducted, attracting a highly attentive audience.

#WAXWednesday Summer Gaming Splash! Participating as a featured speaker, showcasing updates and pertinent aspects of the Rada Quest gaming experience.


Supporting the initiative and performing tasks to help the ecosystem within the community. Currently #3 in the ranking and with a lot of engagement.

wax hub
wax hub

We share this report in our blog and socials:

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