3DK Render WAX Guild – May 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

The infrastructure remains largely unchanged since the last report. The upgrade operations mentioned in the previous report have proven to be highly efficient, with one exception; unfortunately, there was a crash of the main production node due to a RAM failure, resulting in the loss of rounds until the backup node was activated.


We continue to offer all testnet services (Antelope 3.1)

  • P2P nodes
  • Producer nodes
  • SHIP node
  • Atomic API
  • Hyperion API

Product Development

Rada Quest API

We understand the importance of providing players with real-time data and statistics in their gaming experience. That’s why we are excited to introduce the Rada Quest API, a public and free service designed to allow easy access to player data and game events in Rada Quest TCG.

For the Rada Quest API, we have developed a user-friendly and intuitive interface based on Swagger similar to Hyperion and Atomic API. We have created a seamless experience for the WAX community, ensuring that players can effortlessly retrieve the information they need.

Currently, the API supports a range of queries related to player accounts. You can explore various search parameters, such as account longevity, last active time, luck points, referral names, and more. This enables players to dive deep into their own gaming profile and track their progress with ease.

API Rada Quest - Players

Additionally, the API provides access to valuable information about active events, allowing players to stay up to date with the latest challenges and competitions. Whether you want to check the overall ranking or investigate the performance of a specific player, the Rada Quest API has got you covered.

API Rada Quest - Complete

As Rada Quest continues to evolve and introduce new features, we are committed to expanding the capabilities of our API. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive data resource that enhances the gaming experience and empowers players with valuable insights.

To ensure widespread awareness, we have announced the creation and deployment of the Rada Quest API through our official channels on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. We are excited to see how this powerful tool will enhance the engagement and enjoyment of our players in the Rada Quest universe.

Url: https://api.radaquest.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarcoS3DK/status/1662411207674920962

Twitter share

Note: Due to its recent deployment we are not yet able to show usage statistics.

Rada Quest (Game)

We continue to work on expanding and enhancing the gameplay of Rada Quest TCG. We have seen a slight increase in users, with the number of player accounts reaching 4000. Thanks to our new query service, we have found that between May 1st, 2023, and May 29th, nearly 600 unique players logged into the game. This accounts for 15% of the total players, and as a result, one of our immediate goals is to focus on improving player retention for those who have been inactive for a long time or have sporadic engagement.


We are continuing to monitor usage statistics through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

We are also tracking data from external platforms such as DappRadar.


Complete rebuild of the game’s oficial website

We have completely redesigned the official website of Rada Quest TCG. The new website is more user-friendly and intuitive, with a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate. We have also added new sections to provide players with more information about the game and its features.


Rada Quest Website

New features

We have introduced some new features to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Temporary combat boosters: Players now have a chance to randomly acquire temporary attribute boosters that enhance their combat abilities for a limited duration.
Combat boosters
  • Real-time player visibility: Rada Quest is a multiplayer game, and we believe it is important for players to see and interact with others in the game. Players will now be able to see who is sharing the gaming experience with them, fostering interaction and a sense of community.
Player visibility
  • Player interactions: Building on the previous point, we have implemented real-time messaging to keep players informed about the activities of others. Players will receive notifications when a rival player levels up or when they have been attacked by another player, creating an exciting dynamic and keeping you connected to the evolving game world.
Player interactions
  • Reward system for sharing activity on Twitter: We have developed a service that allows players to share up to 1 Coliseum victory per day on their Twitter accounts (we limit to 1 share per day to avoid spam). Our system includes a Twitter tracker to ensure that players are not cheating when sharing their activities. Players will receive a reward of 5 medals to open the Coliseum Reward Chest for each share. Also the rival player will receive 5 medals for the share.
Twitter share

The link accompanying the tweet goes to a customised landing page with the referral code of the player who shared the tweet.

Twitter share


  • New cards: We have added 2 new cards to the game, Wila (Apostate of Darkness) version Base and version Extended. These cards are only available in the Coliseum Reward Chest and not in the Booster Packs or in-game store.

Card data sheets:

Social media and marketing

Twitter AnalyticsTwitter Analytics

Rada Quest has participated in various promotional events, with a notable highlight being the collaboration with WAX.io. We had the opportunity to feature in a blog post on their official website, as well as engaging with their vibrant social media community.

WAX.io blog post:




Upcoming features

Continuing with our roadmap, we are currently working on the Guild section of the game. This is a major expansion, so we do not expect it to be ready within the next 3 months.

We will keep the Rada Quest community updated on our progress and upcoming updates through our usual communication channels, such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. We appreciate our community of players for their ongoing support and for being part of this exciting journey in the world of Rada Quest.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

During the month of May, we have been exploring new options for the WAX Developers documentation portal to address some of its limitations and improve the user experience. Specifically, we tested the Docusaurus framework, which we also used to completely rebuild our official Rada Quest game website. The experience has been highly positive, and we are pleased to share the draft of our tests:

You can view the draft of our tests at the following link: https://3dkrender.github.io/waxdevelopers_test/

However, we are not the only ones working in this direction. Recently, a draft of a new portal has been published on the official GitHub repository, this time using VUE Press. After reviewing it, we found it to be an excellent option, and we commit to working on its implementation. Although it is a different framework, everything we have learned while working on the Docusaurus version will be highly useful in facilitating the adoption and speeding up the process of creating new content and adapting existing content.

We would like to emphasize that, although we have not made any public updates to the documentation, it does not mean that we have been idle in this regard.

Social Media

In our ongoing commitment to promote WAX Blockchain and its communities, our talented Community Manager, Cristalla, has remained active in disseminating relevant information. We have conducted exciting events in collaboration with other creators, as well as created informative videos highlighting prominent projects in the ecosystem.

In particular, we have focused on the following projects:

Twitter threads


Furthermore, to encourage engagement and increase visibility of the WAX community, we have organized various contests on Twitter. These contests provide blockchain enthusiasts with the opportunity to win exciting prizes while connecting with fellow community members.


NFTopia 2 is a virtual metaverse convention that aims to onboard people into web3/blockchain, new tech, art, and communities. It is a platform that seeks to solve the energy efficiency issue of non-fungible tokens and is soon launching an NFT exchange.

Cristalla, as a representative of 3DKRender and Rada Quest, actively participated as one of the five Livestream speakers at the event. Her presence added valuable insights and expertise to the discussions, sharing knowledge about the projects and engaging with the audience.

In addition to her role as a speaker, Cristalla also conducted Twitch broadcasts throughout the event. These broadcasts served as informative sessions, providing guidance and support to new users and addressing any queries or concerns they had. Her Twitch channel became a hub for interaction and engagement, offering a platform for users to connect, learn, and further explore the world of 3DKRender and Rada Quest.

Whether it was delivering insightful talks during the Livestream or offering live support on Twitch, Cristalla played a pivotal role in promoting the projects and fostering a sense of community within the event. Her contributions not only showcased the exciting developments in the blockchain gaming space but also helped users feel supported and empowered as they embarked on their journey into these innovative ecosystems.


We are actively supporting the initiative and contributing to the growth of the ecosystem within our community. Our dedicated efforts have positioned us as one of the top contributors in the ranking, showcasing our strong engagement and commitment to the cause.



Cristalla has taken her engagement with the community to the next level by hosting live streams on Twitch, where she shares her experiences and plays various games from the WAX ecosystem. Her captivating content has attracted a significant number of followers in recent weeks, and she is committed to providing regular updates and exciting new content in the future.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

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