3DK Render WAX Guild – February 2024 Report

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Technical Operations

We have successfully completed the update of our Atomic APIs to version 1.3.24.

There are no important developments in the infrastructure. We maintain version 4.0.4 of nodes on Mainnet while we continue testing version 5.0 on testnet.

We continue to offer AtomicAssets API, Hyperion, query, and seed node services in both mainnet and testnet.

Service Stats

  • Only include successful requests (HTTP 200)
  • Include the last 7 full days of usage

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

We have surpassed the threshold of 6000 accounts created, which is an important milestone for us as we strive to deter multi-account abuse through practices such as mandatory compliance with certain requirements in order to access tradable in-game rewards.

This increase in players is also reflected in external statistics, such as those shown by DappRadar, where Rada Quest rises to get into the top 25 WAX games while notable decreases in other projects in our environment.


We’ve also noticed some improvement in NFT secondary trading, although it’s far from enough to cover the many expenses involved in developing a project as complex as a video game. Our main goal remains to continuously improve the gaming experience by adding new sections that can attract more players and retain current players. These results, while modest, mean a lot to us.


We continue to be in contact with new artists with the intention of incorporating, as soon as it is economically possible, fantasy artworks from different brushes and points of view that bring more richness to the visual experience of our game. We continue with the editions of the Rada Quest FanArt illustration contest in which 8 participants participated, some of them with a surprising artistic quality. The contest has its own prizes and the illustrations presented will not be part of the game since in the rules we have indicated that the exploitation rights belong to the artists themselves and the objective of the contest is only advertising. Nonetheless, it offers us the opportunity to hunt for talent for future collaborations.

More Stats:

We have published a data report of the game during the months of December and January, during which period the 8th Coliseum championship was held:


The report provides a detailed analysis of the activities and transactions during the 8th Coliseum Campaign in Rada Quest, a collectible card game NFT on the WAX blockchain. During this period, a significant flow of Soul Crystal, the game’s primary currency, was observed, with a notable inflow of 641,039 and an outflow of 976,592, resulting in a balance of 335,553 in favor of the players. The report highlights battles in the Coliseum arena, totaling 151,006, and minigame plays, amounting to 10,665. Additionally, it mentions card evolution and recycling, with 3,002 cards evolved and 2,520 recycled. 18,010 Coliseum tickets were acquired. Major sources of Soul Crystal outflow include daily rewards, minigames, medal chests, daily missions, and card recycling. The report concludes by emphasizing the continuity of the players’ legacy in Rada Quest’s history.

Rada Quest Twitter:

Rada Quest Twitter

We’ve begun experimenting with more visual tutorials for the community, with our main character taking on the role of narrator.


During this period, we collaborated with WAX HUB to launch a campaign aimed at familiarizing content creators with the game


Blenderizer Tools

We have modified the smart contract to review and improve the Blenderizer pack creation system. The pack system allows the creation of packaging containing both NFTs and FTs and whose content can be delivered directly or through random probability systems.

We are currently developing the front-end section of Blenderizer Tools that will allow creators to build those packs easily.

There are currently 17700 collections using Blenderizer and although the number of transactions has been greatly reduced during the last few months, we hope that thanks to the facilities of this interface it will be able to increase the numbers.

Client/Server WAX App Template

This template allows you to deploy a Client/Server type application with all the necessary ingredients to communicate with the WAX Blockchain; login with various WAX wallets and signing transactions from the client, and queries (blockchain and/or databases) and blockchain actions from the server.

There are no significant changes during this period. Small details have been optimized and we are developing more tutorials to facilitate their adoption, which we will begin to publish throughout the month of March.

Funding WAX (Discord Bot)

The process of adapting our bot to the new development libraries, both Discord and Wharfkit, is now finished, so we are deploying the bot again to continue with the public testing phase on our own server.

The bot allows you to verify Discord accounts and associate them with a WAX wallet, thanks to which you can deposit or withdraw tokens to your Discord account and make use of them on the different servers where the bot is active. Currently, users can tip tokens to other users and organize giveaways with tokens as prizes.

Server admins will be able to use bot features such as verification or member activity to organize roles or events within their servers.

Soon, we will be incorporating NFTs into the bot’s features.


TokensCrowd is a project aimed at managing communities on the WAX blockchain through DAO-like systems.

There are no updates in the development of the project during this period due to the lack of resources.

We understand that the development results of our apps and tools, in general, can be a bit disappointing due to their slow progress. While BTC continues its ascent and recovery in what looks like a new bull-run, WAX remains at very low values that do not give us the option to expand our budget for the hiring of more developers. To this we must add that one of our projects, the game Rada Quest, is a large-scale project and that it alone consumes practically all our available human resources. Keeping these projects active and constantly working on their growth and development is our commitment and for this we need to maintain the trust that the OIG has been placing in us throughout this time; the good times and the not-so-good ones.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer Portal

We continue to collaborate with the development and improvement of the WAX developers’ documentation portal. In this period, we have contributed to the implementation of the multi-language system and the translation of the documentation into Spanish.

Social Community Report (Cristalla)

We believe that it is precisely in the low moments, such as those that WAX has been going through over the last year, that it is when we must make the most effort to maintain a strong contact with the community. Our Community Manager, Cristalla, continues to work intensively to support the community as well as all those projects that ask us for help.

During this period, we have been expanding our presence across platforms, conducting AMAs for various projects, and pioneering initiatives to support the ongoing growth of the ecosystem.

Giveaways Collaborations

Gods Glory

X Threads Collaborations

Novopangea NOVO WAR



We’ve initiated a series of updated tutorials to equip new users with the necessary to join WAX, with ongoing development detailed in the upcoming report.

How to join WAX HUB


Streaming sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday, featuring interviews, gameplay from different community games, and sharing the most significant news of the week.

AMA Novopangea with Yocreati

AMA Venap Games

AMA The Hustle with TheDragon

WAX Swag unboxing


We’ve launched a weekly space on X (Twitter) in collaboration with the WAX School’s weekly drop calendar. Cristalla joins as a co-host every Wednesday to discuss all the weekly drops and showcase artists and project owners, inviting them to discuss their drops, collections, and future plans. The space has been well-received in the community and can be accessed via the following links:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


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