3DK Render WAX Guild – February 2023 Report

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Technical Operations

All 3DK Render nodes are upgraded to Antelope 3.1

  • P2P nodes
  • Producer nodes
  • SHIP node
  • Query node

Atomic API is upgraded to Antelope 3.1

We are still synchronising a new server for Hyperion to incorporate the latest updates. In the meantime, we continue to offer the service with Hyperion V3.1.4


We continue to offer all testnet services (Antelope 3.1)

  • P2P nodes
  • Producer nodes
  • SHIP node
  • Atomic API
  • Hyperion API

Product Development

Rada Quest TCG

On 20 February we deployed the new update on mainet. As we have mentioned in previous reports, this update includes Player-to-Player battles.

With this update we close the first development cycle of Rada Quest, so it has been released as Version 1.0 leaving behind the Beta versions.


1st Coliseum Campaign

On February 23rd the first PvP campaign started.

The campaign has been well received, as evidenced by the increase in visits to the game as well as increased movement in the NFT markets.


The Coliseum PvP system is organised in several qualification rounds. Players are separated into different categories to avoid abuse or strong inequalities.

As the number of players increases, the higher ranks are opened up, with increasingly valuable prizes.

The Coliseum PvP system is organised in several qualification rounds. Players are separated into different categories to avoid abuse or strong inequalities.

As the number of players increases, the higher ranks are opened up, with increasingly valuable prizes.

Players must manage the battle passes that the game offers for free. Once they have used them up, they must buy more battle passes with in-game resources.

Each player has health scores to manage in order to be able to fight in PvP.

In addition to the final category prizes, players earn medals for each battle won that can be exchanged for in-game gifts.

At the time of writing, the number of active participants in the first round of the Coliseum is 147. For the opening of the highest category, Diamond, a minimum of 400 players is required.

Rada Quest has integrated the new WAX Cloud Wallet

We are aware of the enormous difficulty involved in accepting a game of these characteristics in the blockchain environment, accustomed to “games” of quick money and short life. Rada Quest TCG is a strategy game with very elaborate mechanics. It is a game that needs “to be played”, as strange as that sounds. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more of these games. Entering the blockchain gaming ecosystem through the scorched earth left by so many projects designed for the sole purpose of making a quick buck with promises that are never fulfilled makes it difficult to ask potential players for a chance. WAX’s image is badly damaged on social media due to the large number of fake projects that have scammed many investors and players (not only WAX, of course). We would like Rada Quest to help restore confidence in WAX as the best platform for blockchain gaming.

Rada Quest on Twitch

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved Rada Quest’s recognition as a broadcast category within Twitch.

Rada Quest on DappRadar

With the new event we have seen an increase in usage, as can be seen in the DappRadar statistics.

  • Unique Active Wallets (30 days): +11.7%
  • Transactions: +8.99%

Rada Quest on Twitter

This month our twitter impressions have skyrocketed, we have used twitter threads as a primary source, which has given us a solid insight into how our community likes to have information delivered to them, we also conducted polls which have been quite well received, overall the community enjoys interacting with our posts and learning new things about the game.

As part of the campaign to raise awareness of the new phase, we have linked the content to the audience of old and new players.


Rada Quest participated in NFTopia, held an AMA and showed the game to new users. We received a lot of participation.

The event was streamed via twitch on ConsumerBreak channel.

Other social content

Next goals

Our next development goals for Rada Quest:

  • Player-Kill mode for PvP: Players will be able to win or lose resources by facing other “PK” players.
  • Creation of Player Guilds (administered through NFTs similar to the “Lands” we know from other games).
  • Quest-like missions to be performed by players in PvE environment.

Due to the large final development and deployment effort for this update, as well as the drastic reduction of staff, the other projects we are working on have little new to announce. The new version of Rada Quest is now stabilised and we hope to be able to resume all projects with renewed energy.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

We have participated with the translation of more content (Spanish/English) and the revision of some errors and updates.


We have revised and updated the tutorial for obtaining random numbers through the WAX-ORNG smart contract, including a complete open source example.


Social Media

Cristalla passed the barrier of 12k followers on twitter, this month she has been making twitter threads with very high social impact. Continuing to support different wax ecosystem projects, With a high level of participation, engament in twitter.

Twitter threads


Blockchain Brawlers + WCW



Blockchain Brawlers




### Twitch channel

Due to the effort for the rollout of this Rada Quest update we have not been able to be very active on Twitch live but we are confident that the numbers will increase during the new campaign.


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