3DK Render Guild Report – May 2024

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Contact[email protected]
bp.json (mainnet)https://3dkrender.com/bp.json
bp.json (testnet)https://3dkrender.com/waxtest.json
producer (mainnet)3dkrenderwax
producer (testnet)3dkrenderwax
Guild JurisdictionSpain


No updates.

API Services

History (partial)History (full)History (testnet)AA APILight-APIIPFS
3,8M req/week465K req/week760k req/week1.68K req/week


Rada Quest (Trading Card Game)


List of SCs: radaquesttcg, radaunpacker, radarentmain, tarukofficer


Developing: We are receiving many requests to port the game to mobile devices so we are studying the feasibility of the project. We find it interesting since it can attract more players. We have been doing feasibility studies of the project for a migration to mobile devices and even as an integrated Telegram or Discord application. Due to these studies and the tests carried out, all the development work of this period has been minimized both in this project and in the other projects that we develop.

WUFFI Partnership

We have implemented the partner plan with WUFFI. Rada Quest will distribute WUF tokens through the game and various activities to the community. Distribution of WUF to the community:

  • Gem Tournament: Prize pool divided among the top 3 places.
  • Coliseum: WUF is distributed each round to players who score more than 5000 points in the arena.
  • Rada Lotto: One lucky winner receives WUF.
  • More info: https://x.com/RadaQuestTCG/status/1791133276272312711

Fan Art

We’re continuing our fan art contest while attracting the HIVE community to connect with our art and, consequently, our game.


We continue to participate in Intraverse Cups as partners, currently anticipating the next cup, which will include partners from WUFFI, aiming for greater exposure of the game to new users.


Rada Lotto

The event has been very well received by the community, with growing interest each day. We continue to making lives sessions to disseminate information.

All of this is documented in our live sessions on X.


We successfully participated in NFTopia 4, which was well received by the community. We conducted an AMA and a game demonstration for new audiences.


30 days period. Data from DappRadar:

  • Rank 22 in the WAX games category
  • 312 UAW (Unique Active Wallets) 30 days average
Rada Quest Metrics

X (Twitter) – 6,23K followers (+200 this period) – 15.2k impressions


Client/Server WAX App Template

Open source Client/Server Template to accelerate the creation of applications in the WAX ecosystem.


Update: We have added multi-language support for the template. In addition, we have created a tutorial to explain the implementation and that is easily applicable to other types of React applications.

FundingWAX – Discord Bot

URLshttps://test.fundingwax.com (testnet)

List of SCs: fundingwaxdk (testnet)


No updates in the last period.


The application is in the testing phase. It currently only supports the use of the WAX testnet and can only be accessed from our public Discord server. Therefore, we do not have representative metrics.

Blenderizer Tools


List of SCs: blenderizerx

Thanks to our new IPFS service we have improved the loading speed of NFT illustrations



List of SCs: tokenscrowdx

No updates in the last period.

WAX Developer Portal (community project)


We continue to contribute to the developer documentation portal with new translations into Spanish.


3DK Render


site improvements and new articles published:

We have started a series of articles to help NFT creators use the bridge between WAX and other chains developed by MyCloudWallet.


Marketing & Ecosystem Growth Summary

April 15 2024 to May 30 2024

  • Twitter: 62.6K impressions and 15155 Followers. Approximately +600 followers gained during this period.
  • X Space:
    • 3 spaces as co-host, 2 spaces as guest
    • Total 5 spaces and approximate sum of reproductions so far + Tuned in: 400
  • WAX Hub: Rank number 1 with Influence 19.422 Reputation 49.944

Activity breakdown


During this period, we have achieved a significant number of organic impressions on the network and gained a substantial number of followers. Cristalla’s X account holds considerable influence within the community and is consistently recommended to new audiences as a primary focal point for attracting new users.

We continue to host spaces and live sessions to further expand our audience.


NFTopia 4

During NFTopia 4, live coverage of the event was provided, and an AMA was conducted at her booth as a content creator.

Official statistics of the event have not yet been released but the event has been very well received by the entire community, making for a weekend of fun, education and networking.




WAX Hub First place on the leaderboard.


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