3DK Render WAX Guild – November 2022 Report

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Technical Operations

Due to the drop in performance of the testnet producer nodes, we decided to replace them with more powerful systems and upgrade them to Leap 3.1. However, during the process, a failure occurred in one of the nodes, resulting in the loss of 7 rounds and a penalty in the last technical review.

We have started the upgrade of the full history nodes in mainnet to Leap 3.1. During the upgrade process our “Query accounts” service was disabled.

We now have some SHIP nodes fully operational with Leap 3.1 and the “Query account” service has been reestablished.

Certificate failures (from november 14 to november 17)

The certificate for the 3dkrender.com domain was renewed one month before it was due to expire, as usual. However, during the days following the expiration of the old certificate, the Plesk platform where we hosted it was intermittently switching between the new certificate and the expired one. This caused that the domain could not be accessed correctly through the https protocol in some occasions, so the access to the JSON with the description of our infrastructure was also affected. We have not been able to determine what caused this chaotic behavior but we believe that, after several reinstallations of the certificate, the problem has been resolved.

These intermittent failures in accessing information from our servers may have been the cause of some of the problems that have resulted in point penalties in the last technical review.

Product Development

Rada Quest Game

In the next few days we will publish on testnet the long awaited update of the PvP section.

Players will be able to play their best cards from the deck against other players and will be able to benefit from the work done in other sections of the game, such as the benefits obtained by leveling up production buildings.

Although combat seems simple because it is not interactive, the result is the product of a complex strategy of preparation on the part of the player. The player must combine attack, defense and looting cards in the most efficient way. The power-up status of the cards will be vital, as well as the combination according to the faction and other factors that will act as multipliers of the attack/defense/loot attributes.

For our team this step is an important milestone in the development of the project. PvP closes a circle of economy around the different utility tokens of the game. For this reason the game will stop being Beta and will be Version 1 when this section is released on the mainnet.

However our intention is to continue with the development of new events and activities within the game to increase the gameplay and attraction of the game.

GamePlay: https://youtu.be/92ovJTIlpik

According to DappRadar we continue to hold a modest position in the top 40 WAX games. We are confident that the release of the PvP section can finally attract a large number of users.


We continue to extend our social presence and interact with our community through interactive posts, polls, guides. Everything users need to know about the game to expand their experience. We have noticed a high participation in our weekly polls and good response from our audience for content interaction, we are expanding this to other social networks like Instagram and in the coming days we will launch our youtube channel for guides as we approach the next phase of the game.

Twitter stats

twitter stats

BengBengGaming on twitter


Blenderizer V2

We have deployed on testnet the new smart contract for Blenderizer.

The smart contract incorporates important new features in terms of gamification of NFT collections, all without losing compatibility with existing configurations. Due to this compatibility we want to spend a little more time testing on testnet to avoid any possible loss of data.

Overview of Blenderizer “classic”:

The objective of this smart contract is to generate new NFTs by (destructive) combining other NFTs configured as “ingredients” of the mixture. The combinations are static, of the type “If you send A+B+C you will get D”.

Due to the many suggestions we have received from many users we have decided to expand these possibilities in a revised version.

New features:

In this new version it is possible, in addition to the above, to configure blends that simulate packs, or chests, with multiple contents.

These new blends are configured using only 1 NFT as ingredient (the chest).

The resulting blend can contain one or more of the following options:

  • Direct delivery of NFTs
  • Direct delivery of FTs
  • Delivery of NFTs to be selected at random according to the probability table.
  • Delivery of different quantities of FTs according to a random probability selection table.

All these options can be combined repeatedly in a single “pack”.

The smart contract recognizes AtomicAssets NFTs and any FTs that have been created with a smart contract compatible with “eosio.token”.

We have created a website to present the new products and to explain how to use them: https://blenderizer.3dkrender.com/ 


FundingWAX – Discord Bot

We have been awaiting legal queries related to the deposit of tokens in the smart contract associated with the bot. Once the situation is clarified, we will continue with the tests in order to launch the bot in Mainnet in the next weeks.

TokensCrowd – Communities for WAX

We have initiated the development of a new tool for WAX that will allow the creation of communities around a governance token, such as a DAO. We believe that this kind of tools will be very useful for the communities created around the games and other projects in WAX. Many of these projects have governance tokens but no tool to facilitate the administration of their community by offering their members the option to create and vote on governance proposals.


These communities will be able to use any token created with a smart contract compatible with eosio.token and also with tokens created with SimpleAssets.

Communities will be able to create proposals that can be voted on by users who own tokens.

We are currently in a very early stage of development on testnet but expect the project to be completed in December/January.

Ecosystem Development

WAX Developer portal

We have updated the WAX developer documentation regarding links to the generic EOSIO documentation, now replaced by the https://docs.eosnetwork.com/ site.

We have also updated many references to the term ESOSIO except for those that are specific references to the original EOSIO project or one of its derivative tools.

We have taken the opportunity to review and correct some defect in the translations of some documents as well as to review the index of some section that could be confusing (SimpleAssets How-To).

Social Media

Continuing to support different wax ecosystem projects with high level of participation and engament in twitter.

3DK Render Community Manager Cristalla on Twitter

Cristalla November 22

YouTube Videos

GoldenHills https://youtu.be/A1UbEreWPhs

Realm NFTs https://youtu.be/Hty7KSFbetg

vIRL MARKETPLACE / Fire and Fury BLOCKCHAIN BRAWLERS Hot Sauce https://youtu.be/k6qP583sVIo

Dc Your Chickens https://youtu.be/Gu7myQgskKg

AlienWorlds DAO https://youtu.be/O6uTjTOWru8

Colonize Mars https://youtu.be/fbz-KAbzJ9I

Fishinglands https://youtu.be/t4rkgdz6sss

Atomichub Fiat buy https://youtu.be/7Qtse4FAs9M

Cryptoshots https://youtu.be/4CZNg02T5Z8

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