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I want to introduce you my new tool for WAX Blockchain: Blenderizer. Thanks to this tool any user will be able to configure the creation of a NFT from other NFTs.

Blenderizer is Open Source!

Now you can design your own mixing system. Unleash your creativity!

Why create this tool?

The creation of assets in WAX Blockchain is growing daily. There are so many NFTs in the market that their value can be negatively affected. If NFTs do not find a utility they will soon become obsolete and devalued.

There are different solutions, besides collections, to help keep the economy of assets healthy.

Video games are one of the best options. I am currently developing a video game (Rada Quest) that will make strong use of NFTs and FTs. Unfortunately the development of such a complex video game takes a lot of time and it takes time to be released.

Card fusion. One way to control the amount of cards in circulation is to burn them. But who would want to burn them? Maybe if some improvement is offered they will burn… For example, a special card can be given if, in exchange, several cards are exchanged for burning. The artists will be able to offer more playability to their creations and stimulate the movement of NFTs in the market.

So, can I create my own mixes to generate new cards?

Of course! This is a free and open access service. Any WAX user can create a mix for other users to get the new cards. Only a few conditions need to be met:

  • This tool only works with AtomicAssets NFTs.
  • You can set ANY cards as base ingredient for mixture. No matter the collection or the author.
  • The new card to be created must be from a template of YOUR OWN.
  • You must pay the tool in advance for the RAM that the minted assets will consume. This is the only payment. You can always recover the unconsumed RAM.
  • You must authorize the tool in your collection so that it can mint the new assets on your behalf.
  • You must make sure that you have reserved enough RAM, that the base cards are transferable and burnable and that the minting limit has not been reached. Otherwise users will receive error messages and your collection will not be popular.
  • At the moment this tool does not contemplate backed tokens.

How do I give the tool authority to do the mint?

The most convenient way to do this is by editing the parameters of your collection on the AtomicHub website.

  1. Edit Collection
  2. Advanced Details

How can I reserve RAM for minting new cards?

Each minted NFT consumes 151 bytes of RAM that must be paid for by the minter account, not necessarily is alwais the owner of the collection.

If you want to mint 100 NFTs you will need 151 x 100 = 15100 bytes = 15Kb

The price of RAM changes frequently, although with small fluctuations. You can check how much WAX you need to buy RAM at

As you can see, it is not a very high cost. I advise you to buy a little bit more, just in case. You can always get it back (whatever hasn’t been spent by coining new NFTs).

There is no interface for the use of the tool yet, so the operations have to be done manually. It is very simple. Just send the necessary WAX to the tool account, blenderizerx, with the name of your collection in the memo field.

You can check the RAM reserve in the blenderizer smart contract table rambalance

Now you can create your special NFT blend.

While we wait for the design of the graphic interface, you will have to go to the createblend action of the smart contract blenderizerx to create your exotic mix.

  • authorized_user: It’s your account name. you must sign the action with this account and the collection must also belong to this account.
  • target_collection: Name of the collection to which the new NFT to be generated with the mix belongs. Must be property of authorized_user
  • target_template: ID of the template that was defined as a forge to mint the new NFT. It must belong to target_collection.
  • templates_to_mix: ID array of the templates that mint the base cards that will be burned to generate the new NFT. They can be from any collection and from any owner. You can add as many IDs as you want. If a card is repeated, repeat the ID as many times as necessary.

When you finish and send the transaction you will be able to consult in the table blenders

Can I modify an existing blender?

You can re-create the previous action but only the ingredient array can be modified. If you need to change the collection or the target ID, you can delete the mix and create a new one.

How to delete a blender?

You can use the delblend action to remove a mixture. If users try to use a mix that no longer exists their transaction will be cancelled.

  • authorized_account: Your account and owner of the collection to which the destination NFT belongs.
  • target_template: Template ID of the target NFT that is created with the blender.

How do I recover unconsumed RAM?

You can check at any time the amount of RAM your collection has available to know how much you can withdraw.

With the withdrawram action you can withdraw the amount of RAM you want. The smart contract will sell the RAM and send you the WAX.

  • authorized_account: Your account and owner of the collection to which the destination NFT belongs.
  • collection: Name of the collection to which the new NFT to be generated with the mix belongs. Must be property of authorized_account.
  • bytes: Amount of bytes to sell and withdraw.

And now, how does it work for users?

What we have explained so far serves to create and manage the blends. Now we are going to explain how the users who want to get the new and precious NFTs can play with Blenderizer.

As I said before, the interface for creators and users will be created in a second phase. However, it will be very easy for users to make use of our blends.

All they need to know is which NFTs are required for the base and what is the number of the template that generates the new NFT.

They only have to send the base NFTs to the blenderizerx account with the target template number in memo and they will receive the new asset in return. This operation can be done from the AtomicHub interface. So easy!

Base NFTs will be automatically burned by the smart contract

I apologize for not having yet a graphic interface that facilitates the task. For the time being, you will have to inform the other users about your new blenders and the necessary ingredients in your web, social networks, telegram, etc.

Do you want to test first?

Very good idea! You can test in WAX testnet. The smart contract is blenderizerx and the textnet of Atomichub is

If you think this tool is useful you can help me with a block producing candidate vote in WAX Blockchain (3dkrenderwax).

You can also help me with the purchase of NFTs from my collections: