Who is Yoshidrops? and why you must have a Yoshicoin

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The NFT market continues to rise to exorbitant levels, so much so that Yoshidrops presents us with a way to help the environment through NFTs.

Who is Yoshidrops?

Yoshi Kondo, born and raised in the East, but traveling through the world of discovery through his love for music in the West, Yoshi has not only excelled in his career as an artist and performer but so rigorous in rewarding. In fact, in a very real sense, he plans to use the power of NFT in combination with the principles and values he believes in to make a real difference in the world using the gift of music and creativity that has made him what he is today.

but.. What are your plans really? Their goal is to make NFTs and their technology accessible to all musicians, infusing best-in-class talent with the means, methods and platform that will showcase their superpowers and elevate them to prosperity. The ultimate goal of this iconic and ingenious NFT series will be dedicated to the production of oxygen in a stable way by funding tree planting in partnership with carbonfund.org,proving that the WAX blockchain can be better than carbon neutrality.

Being the first project in history with this particular theme, it has a rigorous organization, month by month they plan to publish some vinyl album in order to attract more people from the music industry, and add more people involved for the good of all together.

DigitalVinyl and Yoshidrops. A lianza for the environment.

Conceived by Uplift Art founder Michael Blu, DigitalVinyl is the new-era record-gathering experience, complete with cover, inserts, backs-up story and, where appropriate, lyrics. The key difference with DigitalVinyl is that you become the owner of all the asset: the song, the video and the art, which you can then sell and exchange.

The cover of DigitalVinyl, part of the entire retro experience of the record machine, will be created by renowned professional artists and selected rising stars in the art world. It will allow musicians and artists to collaborate in an open and transparent way.

We can think of it as music that produces oxygen and rewards. The Rewards structure of the DigitalVinyl collection excels in its effort to redefine an industry standard, creating mutual benefit for all involved. Artists will receive mints number 1 in their collection for their participation, and the remaining editions will go to the YoshiDrops subscription catalog.

Creative liberality has consistently been an essential task of Uplift.Art. In the case of YoshiDrops, we have revenue from secondary sales from the YoshiDrops WAX account that goes to generous causes that help produce oxygen and enrich the planet.

“However, we want this to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve made it possible for people to use credit cards to participate in this revolutionary opportunity,” naturally, these NFTs can also be resold in secondary markets.” says Michael Blu.

Uplift.Art, in particular, is very excited about everything that will come from YoshiDrops, as we see the potential to filter into a new era of decentralized empire by initiating “Collaborative Creativity” into a new era that fosters change through Creative Liberality by the power of DigitalVinyl.

Why should you have a Yoshicoin?

As it says in the description of each coin is the genesis of NFT for a project that will revolutionize the music industry. It will change the way artists and fans interact creating a mutual benefit for everyone. Yoshicoin genesis hodlers can receive random airdrops from NFT in their wallets and are eligible to mine Upliftium in Uplift World.

Therefore, while you buy or sell any of these 1.3 million coins intended for the contribution of oxygen production, where it is a win and win for all of us. It is thought that it can cost up to 25$ minimum each of these Yoshicoin.

How can I mine in Upliftium?

1- Go to: https://enter.theuplift.world/

2- Connect your WAX wallet and Hold your Yoshicoin on the platform.

3- Start mining in upliftium.

Don’t have your Yoshicoin yet? 

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