Romantic Pool

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This garden and pool scene will bring nature’s beauty to your renders. It’s the perfect setting for all your outdoor renders.

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A generous scene layout allows enough room to place your figures and your cameras with ease. Special care has been taken that the left part and the right part of the scene are not exactly alike, so you’ll find new views and a natural look all over the scene.

This environment offers many possibilities while preserving your system resources. A custom layered shader that uses small maps and the use of instances wherever possible help keeping memory usage down. 
The scene without fibermesh grass consumes about as much memory as a figure with clothing and hair. With fibermesh grass it will take up about as much as two fully clothed figures.

Special scene controls and thoughtful grouping allow you to switch parts of the scene on and off for fast navigation and test renders. 
Hide all bushes, or the complete left part of the scene, or just one single flower – the scene setup gives you full control over all the scene elements.

The environment comes with three different material options for the architecture, from clean to really mossy.

Various parts of the scene have been saved out as individual presets so you can easily load them into other scenes, too.


Add-ons for this product.

  • Romantic Pool Seasons Add-on
    Romantic Pool Seasons Add-on

What’s Included and Features

  • Romantic Pool (.DUF)
  • 3 Full Scene Preload Presets With Fibermesh Grass
    • Default
    • Full Moss
    • No Moss
  • 3 Full Scene Preload Presets Without Fibermesh Grass
    • Default
    • Full Moss
    • No Moss
  • 48 Individual Items:
    • 06 Begonia Flowers
    • Bench
    • 06 Bushes
    • 03 Coleus Plants
    • Fence
    • 02 Fern Plants
    • 02 Flowerbeds With Flowers
    • Round Flowerbox With Flowers
    • Corner Boxes With Flowers
    • 03 Flowerpots (empty)
    • 05 Hosta Plants
    • 03 Impatiens Flowers
    • 03 Leafy Plants
    • 03 Oleander Plants
    • Pergola With Vines
    • Ground With Pool, Flowerboxes And Flowers
    • 02 Flower Arrangements In Low Pot
    • 02 Flower Arrangements In Medium Pot
    • 02 Flower Arrangements In Tall Pot
  • Material Options:
    • Default Material
    • Full Moss
    • No Moss
    • 3 Different Wave Options For Pool Water
    • 12 Material Presets For Plants
  • Textures Include:
    • 246 Texture Maps (122 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)



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