Rhea (for Genesis 8 Female) – 3D Model

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Rhea is the new 3D character I have create. She was modeled over the original Genesis 8 Female shape (by Daz3D).

She is a fierce woman of the race of minotaurs (from the «Rada Quest Fantasy Tales», by @marcosdk)

«The race of the minotaurs was originally human. Legends tell that in forgotten time they suffered a curse that made them what they are today. But some curses are capricious and this only affects males. Maybe because legends say it was a daring tribal king who organized the uprising against the Gods that gave rise to such a terrible curse.

The females do not has the characteristic attributes of the race; horns, face of bovine appearance and great amount of body hair. However, they differ much from human females. They have a height well above average and a very robust body with broad hips.

They are a race that lives in small settlements that move from one place to another in search of game and pastures for their flocks, but in violent and dark times, they are fierce and feared warriors.»

From «Rada Quest History Book», by @marcosdk

She is part of a collection of models and illustrations that I intend to use for the upcoming Trading Card Game «Rada Quest».

Itzel, an elven priestess, is another of the characters that I already have created.

The Rada Quest – Promotional Image by me

The game is a big and ambitious project and I need funding. These 3D models are for sale in my Renderosity store and are compatible with Daz Studio.

Very soon I will publish talking about the game; I can anticipate that it will be a Real Time Strategy/Trading Card Game.

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See you soon, summoner!

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