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Hi radanians!

I spent a lot of time locked in my lair, scrutinizing between the lines of code in Rada’s fabric. But I miss you. Some benefactor left a curious request on the Discord channel of Rada Quest. He wanted to see a card with a heavyweight character. I think it’s time to meet Vossa Nicked Edge, the dreaded hangman of the White City. The White King is kind but fair; and justice works if the pulse of the hand does not tremble. Does not tremble the Vossa pulse and when people see him arrive at the village square they know that someone is going to pay for their crimes with life. But you should not fear him. Vossa does not issue a sentence, he only executes it.


_Created by Marcos DK (@marcosdk) for Rada Quest TCG (@radaquest)_

The status of the code

Recently I have been working on the Patron Bot software. It took me a while to start a conversation with the blockchain but I have already been able to extract the values ​​of the votes on my account. I want to start counting the value of the votes you give me since June 1st. All this value will be retained as a balance for gifts in the game (when it is released).

As an example, here is the cumulative vote value of some users during the month of June.


The next step is to create a blacklist to exclude bots and store the results in a database.

Rada Quest Web Page

I am currently working on a new Rada Quest website. It will be out of service for a while. When it becomes operational again I will put the illustrations on sale and I will accept Steem as payment. The balance for card purchases will also be saved to compensate with gifts in the game.


You can delegate some SP to support this project

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