Rada Quest News #2 – New Card Included!

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A Bite of Lore

Rada is an imaginary world in which beings of many races and species coexist. Humans and elves form the most solid and settled communities. Their respective lifestyles are very different from each other and peace remains on the edge. Only the fear of common enemies maintains the alliances between humans and elves.

Orcs, goblins, dark elves, gnols and dark creatures lurk from the mountains and deep forests.

There are other races scattered across the face of Rada. Creatures and beasts that live ignoring the problems between humans, elves, orcs and goblins. Nomads, hightlanders, fishermen or hunters; their main concern is to keep the tribe safe…

The Code

The design of the database is becoming very complex and I move much more slowly than I would like. The positive side is that I am convinced that once the assembly of the tables is solved, the coding of the game will be faster.

On the other hand, I see that the financing of the project will be very hard. I do not rule out that I should further delay the development of Rada Quest TCG in the search for some collateral financing options.

As you know, one of the ways of financing is through the sale of illustrations that I make myself. Today I bring you a new letter

Noctem Sorceres – New Card for Rada Quest

The new card that I bring to you today is “Noctem Sorceress“.

As in the rest of the cards, their alignment or power is not yet defined, but you can now buy the illustration for direct download in High Definition in the 3DK Render Shop.

Illustration created by Marcos DK (@marcosdk)

The entire amount of the sales is accumulated in as balance for the buyer and will be compensated with gifts when the game is published.

I also leave a code with a 50% discount to redeem at checkout. The code is “NOCTEM50” and is valid for this illustration until Friday, March 21.

See you in the next newsletter!

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