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A bit of history

Rada Quest is not just a game; It is a universe of possibilities that I hope that one day I can develop.

About 8 years ago I started writing the script of an epic fantasy adventure that today is the core of this project. Then I started to create illustrations to represent the characters of the work, but it was not enough for me.

Currently the project includes the creation of a real-time strategy game and collectible cards, but it also includes the creation of RPG-type games and the narration of Rada’s story as Visual Novel.

But I have to go step by step. To develop the project, financing will be very important. My current job does not allow me much time to myself for developing the universe of Rada. For this reason I will focus mainly on the creation of the card and strategy game and the illustrations they will need.

State of game development

I am currently writing the Game Design Document and designing the database. Being a strategy game in real time, with many resources that the player will have to produce, the design of the database must be very robust.

Safety issue

An issue that worries me a lot and that, in my opinion, must be defined from the start, is the safety of the players. The game will include the option of micropayments to accelerate the generation of resources (similar to DrugWars) and also offer rewards in Steem to players.

Among the options I am studying to perform secure transactions are Steem Connect and Steem Keychan. I especially like the second one. However, I would like to know the opinion of people more experienced than me in this topic. @paulag told me she knew some kind of that guys; I hope she gives them a touch to have a look around here and tell me their opinions.

Illustration of the Day

I do not want to go into much detail about the mechanics of the game but I will be releasing some concepts little by little. We will have summoners, which will be the main cards. And as it seems, we will be on the side of the bad guys.

One of our most important resources will be the serfs, who, among other things, will engage in pillage when we participate in events or when we attack other players.

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