The R-Planet Boom and NFTs Mining Pools

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The Wax ecosystem allows to accommodate different types of developments; they have been very popular especially games like Alien Worlds that allow you, with just one click, to get your native currency (TLM — Trillium), and of course, by “mining” within the game, you get NFTs, both from the Alien Worlds project itself, and from other associated projects. But there are many other games, sharing platforms and much more. Wax is incredibly limitless and everything is very intuitive.

R-Planet, Part 1, Evacuation.

The R-Planet Boom and NFTs Mining Pools

Something that attracts a lot of attention within this same unlimited ecosystem of Wax, is the collaboration and link between projects, as it happens with Alien Worlds, where each person can even pay for their own land and set their mining rates and the NFTs that people can get for mining there. This is where comes into the picture, as it is a project that was born for the collaboration between NFTs collectibles. It has been a Boom as many have been interested in this project, because wow, they simply reward you for doing Stake of NFTs through mining, not bad!

Due to recent updates, the performance within R-Planet works like conventional Mining Pools, i.e. each project has a Pool within R-Planet with its specific overall reward for each hour of mining, this means that the more people have their NFTs producing Ether’s performance, the rewards decrease.

Wait but can I mine any NFT within R-Planet?

No, as R-Planet is associated with specific, and mostly well-known, collectible projects such as KOGS, Dark Country or Upland. Of course you can also mine Aether with the NFTs of the same R-Planet. Here’s a list (which you can also view within the game, in the Staking section):

  • R-Planet elements
  • R-Planet packs
  • Crypto Moonboys
  • Upland
  • Collect
  • Anyobservation
  • F-Legends
  • The Uplift World
  • Cartombs!
  • CryptoStache
  • Ultra Rare
  • Garbage Pail Kid
  • Blockchain Heroes
  • Kogs
  • Alien Worlds
  • UpliftArt
  • Dark Country
  • Kenn Bosak
  • Mutant Warriors
  • HodlGod

and so on… From time to time, they add more projects in their Mining Pools.

Well, as you can see it’s as easy as having an NFT that you no longer use or just don’t want to sell in secondary markets, and take advantage of it within R-Planet through mining. If you own some of these NFTs mentioned above, or if you want to take a look at the new ones that are integrated and get them out of Aether, and get into this fantastic project, you can do it here in All you’ll need is to connect your Wax Cloud Walletaccount and voila, you’ll be inside!

But what is R-Planet?

If you do not already know R-Planet, it is a platform that is associated with projects and collections NFTs, this, allows you to staking collectibles and get performance in its utility currency (AETHER). Also, within the platform there are “elements” that you can buy with the same Aether token and generate even more, by making stake or “combine” and create new elements.

The Plot
Several characters have escaped from Earth in a rocket heading for Mars; they want to colonize the new planet, but they need materials and these can create them with their custom generator. Within R-Planet there are basic elements: water, wind, fire and water and the generator allows you to create new elements by combining these previous ones (If one of these characters succeeds in creating a new material, he receives rewards that include a part of a prize fund, a new NFT and even his name is immortalized in the new NFT element).

All this reads interesting, right? of course, you get these materials by buying them with the same Aether obtained within the game or you can also buy them in markets such as Alcor.

Creating elements is not entirely easy and requires investment many times. What you must do, to obtain new elements, is to mix elements on top of the already mixed ones, and you can even discover new elements never before seen within R-Planet, which in the end become unique NFTs.

Elements obtained from combinations.

Additional R-Planet Tools

Here are a number of tools to be able to perform better within the game:

For 3DKRender ES by Joseit0

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