Patron Bot: A Social Bot to Bring Artists and Patrons Closer Together.

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Patron Bot is a harmless bot for the Steem ecosystem. It does not sell votes or harass anyone. This bot is designed to help artists.

Followers of a content creator can vote for their publications, delegate SP or give away Steem in direct transfers. These are all normal operations within the Steem ecosystem.

There are grateful artists or, simply, attentive towards their followers. Perhaps the artist likes to give rewards to his followers in gratitude for his support.

This is where Patron Bot comes in. Its function is to take note of all the contributions of the followers of an artist; votes, delegations and transactions. Thanks to these statistics, the artists can attend to their followers as they wish.

Project status

The project is published on GitHub and is coded in Python. You can find it in my corporate account 3DK Render.

It is still in a very basic phase. For the moment, I have released a small list of functions with which you can get some interesting result.


This function accesses the blockchain to retrieve the payout posts from a user from the current moment to the desired time.

The purpose of this function is to obtain a dictionary with the names of the users who have voted all the posts in the list in that period of time and the total accumulated SBD of their votes.


  • author: Steem account name (without ‘@’)
  • minutes: Period of time in minutes since now to back.

Sample use

import pprint
from tools import getAuthorRewardsByTime
author = 'marcosdk'
minutes = 30*24*60
listRewards = getAuthorRewardsByTime(author, minutes)

It will show a dictionary like this:

The Blacklist

The code includes a blacklist of users only for optimization reasons. It is not worth keeping track of the contributions made by bidbots, trail heads and accounts that do not offer organic voting in general.

At the moment, this is the blacklist. You can suggest me more entries or ask me for exclude some of them.

blacklist = [ 'steempress', 'steempress-io', 'templo', 'cervantes', 'minnowsupport', 'sancho-panza', 'goya', 'velazquez', 'fridakahlo', 'don.quijote', 'simon-bolivar', 'ramonycajal', 'bloque64', 'elarca', 'curie', 'cryptoctopus', 'steemauto', 'surpassinggoogle', 'airhawk-project', 'steemnaira', 'steemph.cebu', 'utopian-1up', 'blockspeed', 'photofeed', 'mayvileros', 'airron', 'dynamicsteemians', 'swanthu', 'genesis-project', 'more4less', 'stach', 'haseeb37', 'coolcurator', 'sbi1', 'sbi2', 'sbi3', 'sbi5', 'sbi6', 'sbi7', 'sbi8', 'sbi9', 'sbi10', 'gentlebot', 'steembasicincome', 'therising', 'appreciator', 'rocky1', 'blocktrades', 'smartsteem', 'upmewhale', 'tipu', 'promobot', 'buildawhale', 'jerrybanfield', 'postpromoter', 'upmyvote', 'booster', 'boomerang', 'sct.voter', '', 'minnowvotes', 'steemmonsters', 'skeaky-ninja', 'bdvoter', 'spydo', 'rewards-pool', 'treeplanter', 'lays', 'swiftcash', 'drotto', 'originalworks', 'steemvote', 'siditech', 'postdoctor', 'thundercurator', 'bumper', 'steemlike', 'minnowpond', 'upvotewhale', 'botcoin', 'friends-bot', 'withsmn', 'earthnation-bot', 'coolbot', 'big-whale', 'followforupvotes', 'microbot', 'resteemable', 'steemvoter', 'byresteem', 'hottopic', 'upvotebank', 'blissfish', 'morwhale', 'echowhale', 'flagship', 'queqtra', 'promotedpost', 'resteemr', 'schoolofminnows', 'tisko', 'bidseption', 'cleansingpoetry', 'resteembot', 'hugewhale', 'thehumanbot', 'resteemyou', 'superbot', 'crystalhuman', 'danzy', 'blockgators', 'red-rose', 'steemthat', 'reblogit', 'zerotoherobot', 'earnmoresteem', 'frontrunner', 'photocontests', 'ottoman', 'fresteem', 'highvote', 'refresh', 'postresteem', 'talhadogan', 'giftbox', 'growingpower', 'moonbot', 'oceansbot', 'bubblebee', 'jeryalex', 'drewardsresteem', 'bestvote', 'bidbot', 'kiwibot', 'mecurator', 'okankarol', 'astrobot', 'alphaprime', 'gangvote', 'otobot' ]