Now you can pay with Steem/SBD in 3DK Render Shop

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Hi steemians!

I am still a novice in Steem and in my condition it is very important to pay attention to the experts. Recently @paulag ask me a very interesting question in one of my post:

«Have you considered adding steem to a payment method?»

I thought it was a great idea, but I did not know how to do it. Looking for a bit I found a woocommerce pluggin called «WooCommerce Steem Payment Method», created by @sagescrub and @recrypto. The installation and configuration was simple. I just had some mishap with the Cron system…

And now I can announce that it’s already possible to pay with Steem/SBD in my artwork store!

I think that this is a great improvement for my store and to celebrate it, I bring you 2 news:

New illustration on sale: The Hunter

Ultra High Definition picture
3840×2714 resolution


  • Unlimited licenses for Personal use
  • 1 license available for Commercial use

Discount Coupon Code

70% discount valid until March 9:


to redeem the code you must write it at checkout (without quotes)

Hope you like this news!

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