NewsLetter #4: New Cards Added!

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Hi Steemians!

These are the new cards that have been added to the game during this last week

All illustrations have been created by @marcosdk for @radaquest

The game will have Steem micropayments to aquire buildings or discovers instantly and to buy special packs with rare cards and items. All buys in Steem you make in my store will be add to your account balance and you receibe the amount of game tokens when game have released for the value of your Steem invest.

You can buy my digital illustrations and this will be a very nice way to help this proyect be reality. I really need your help to break with my actual job and put all my body and soul in Rada Quest.

When you have paid your purchases, the Steem amount of the buy will be send to Rada Quest account (@radaquest) and every purchase will be anotated for the rewards.

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