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Hi Steemians; today is illustrations day!

I recently started playing DrugWars. It is a game free-to-play over the steem blockchain, about creating an empire for the production of drugs, weapons and alcohol that offers an extra attraction: The game pays you in Steem for your production!

It is very addictive. The strategy absorbs you. You must organize your resources to plan which building will be the next one you are going to build or level up to increase your production as quickly as possible and get more loot from the daily distribution of benefits.

Currently my production is very low; In the ranking of the game I’m out of the top 100, but I get a bit more than 2 Steems a day.

However, I miss something. Power, drugs, weapons, alcohol, profit sharing, bands against bands, addictive game … What is missing?

Yeah! Where are the girls?

Yeah! Beautiful and dangerous girls! So I’ve got to work and I created my first illustration inspired by DrugWars with a beautiful girl as the protagonist. And beware; Very well armed!

by @marcosdk

I have tried the illustration capture the underground essence that we imagine thanks to the film industry: Beauty, danger, luxury and marginal neighborhoods.

The DrugWars guys have not yet organized any fanart event or illustrations contest about the game, as they are already doing from Steem Monsters, at least to my knowledge. So, unofficially, this may be the first.

I hope you like the illustration

by @marcosdk

If you want to try the game I invite you to sign up with my link:!/ref/@marcosdk

If you wish to support my work you can download the Ultra High Definition illustration (for personal use) for 2$ in my store

And if you want to use the illustration for commercial purposes you can acquire the license for 42$ also in my store.

You can support me too with your up-votes and resteems

Thanks for watch and subscribe!

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