HodlGod, the first Battle Royale on the Blockchain!

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If blockhain technology has demonstrated anything over the years, it is to be able to adapt to any kind of development, being demonstrated in the current emergence to almost unlimited points of innovative protocols; utility tokens, decentralized platforms in asset exchange, from projects based on staking and performance, to video games. The latter with a euphoric notoriety in the industry. It may be because people connect how great it is to be more entertained to generate profits on the blockchain and at the same time, share the experience with other players, while advancing and earning achievements in the games.

To all the above is added the collectible and non-fungible value that adds the NFT technology, and specifically that of Wax. We have seen how games like R-planet or Alien Worlds have attracted many people to know this important part of the Blockchain, and now the first Battle Royale developed on the Blockchain comes into the picture: HodlGod.


HodlGod, the first Battle Royale on the Blockchain!

It was born in September 2019 but was restructured from the ground up in 2020. It’s a Battle Royale-style game but on the blockchain, with realistic third-person mode. HodlGod is a 3D, person-to-person, battle royale computer/video game.

It is built in a fantasy environment, which is developed and anchored to decentralized finance blockchain (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is “playing to win” and not strictly “paying to win”. All players start each game with the same chances of victory, just like most of the most popular battle royal games of today. The focal point of this concept is the fact that there are many sources of income available here, and players can earn real-world rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies by winning in-game, or in the stages of it.

HodlGod Collection

HodlGod is for eSports players and lovers, but also for collectors, fans and traders of NFTs; and it’s that mixture of all these factors, that has made this game so popular.

Immortal Gear
Collectors enjoy unique and ultra-rare Immortal Gear NFTs, which they can obtain through in-game or simply by buying them.

The Immortal Gear are hodlGod-specific sets of omega-ultra-rare armors, totaling 5 sets in total. They are cosmetic in nature, and also provide an Immortal Shard loot bonus (cosmetic only) that can be improved by up to 20%. Only 7000 Sets of Immortal Gear can be created from the Genesis Packs (Initial Packs sold in Wax); However, it is highly unlikely that this limit will be reached. With a potential player base of millions, it would mean extreme scarcity for this collection.

Play to win: NFTs in the game!

HodlGod offers multiple ways for members to earn real rewards by being a part of the game and its community. As they roam the chaotic arenas of the HodlGod universe, players have a chance to find and retrieve NFTs that have been hidden throughout the battlefield.

As a way for community members to further increase their profits, Onessus (HodlGod’s developer) has ensured that each of its NFTs will provide additional avenues to generate in-game reward flow; such as the stake, where each player will have the opportunity to generate performance from their NFTs.

“All the NFTs in the ecosystem are part of an upcoming system called NFTfi… each NFT release will be put into stake and each will be able to get a return from their NFTs,” says Dante, one of the creators.

NFTs loans at HodlGod

Finally, there is the issue of loans. If players choose to stake their NFT, a “duplicate” version will remain in their WAX Cloud Wallet, so they can continue to reap the benefits of using it in the game. However, if users receive a duplicate or wish to use other masks, the holder may lend through the secondary market. This will allow other players the opportunity to “rent” an aspect and try it out for themselves for a certain period of time, while the original holder generates more revenue.

HodlGod offers unique elements

The blockchain side of HodlGod offers a whole new experience for video game enthusiasts. NFT packs have been released in WAX that allow customers the opportunity to create unique elements in the game, which enhance the experience and generate more rewards. In previous Genesis Starter Packs and Immortal Genesis NFT Packs sold on WAX, users have had the opportunity to receive “immortal fragments”. Players can combine 4 fragments of a matching set:

  • Armor fragment
  • Main hand fragment
  • Left hand fragment
  • Arc fragment

Once each of these fragments has been obtained and combined, a reward is generated. Rewards produce in-game goals that players can attempt to achieve during their adventures. If the objective is successfully completed, users are rewarded with the corresponding cosmetic armor set in the game. In addition to creating stunning visuals during gameplay, players who sport their newly created NFT cosmetic sets receive additional in-game benefits, one of which is that if the player takes an NFT during the round, it is automatically transferred to their connected Wax Cloud Wallet, even if they lose!

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Why did Onessus choose Wax?

The Onessus team considered it imperative to find the right blockchain to meet their needs in order to cater to their fans as best they can. After further comparison, a clear champion was in the crowd.

Dante explains,
“I used WAX Cloud Wallet and saw how easy it was to use, so I started minting NFTs and saw all the different tools that were available. Specifically, the airdrop tool and the gift tool, to be able to send NFT via email and messages. All of these features create the user experience we need. This goes beyond today’s games… with WAX, I can exchange my NFTs from anywhere! From my phone or from my laptop… I don’t have to be in the game… This is something the gaming ecosystem needs.”

For 3DKRender ES by Joseit0

About WAX

WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and exchange virtual items. WAX has created a complete set of blockchain-based tools, which allow anyone to exchange digital or even physical items instantly and securely, with anyone, anywhere. Since 2017, WAX has facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital items.
For more information, visit wax.io and follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

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