Garden Wedding

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A place for a wedding for Daz Studio

Exterior environment for Daz Studio

A typical exterior environment for celebrating weddings and other familiar events. Highly complete and detailed. For Daz Studio; optimized for Iray

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Are you thinking about celebrating a wedding with your Daz Studio characters? Or a graduation? For any important family event you will need a good natural and sunny environment. Do not forget to invite all your friends!

    • What’s Included and Features

      • Garden Wedding: (.DUF)
        • Full Preload
      • Props:
        • Gazebo
        • Bouquet
        • Ground
        • Red Carpet
        • Book Set
        • Drapes
        • Trees
        • Grass
        • Chair
        • Stand
      • Textures Include:
        • 23 Texture, Normal, Displacement, and Specularity Maps (359 x 800 to 1600 x 1600)
      • Optimized for Iray


      • This product includes:
        • 1 DSON Core Installer

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