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Hi steemians!

Are you a web developer or do you like to be a web developer? Maybe this interest you:

Zenva is a virtual academy that offers training in videogame development, web creation, virtual reality, machine learning and much more. According to they say, more than 400,000 students have passed through their classrooms.

This weekend is offering a special discount for some of their technical curriculum.

I will mention one that can be very interesting for you:

Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree

The courses will take the student through a complete tour that will allow him to create web applications with the most popular modern frameworks, including HTML5, JavaScript, Node, jQuery, MongoDB, React, Next.js GraphQL, Angular and more.

The mini-degree consists of 24 courses:

  1. Learn HTML and CSS by Creating a Responsive Company Website
  2. The complete responsive web design course
  3. Intro to Bootstrap
  4. The complete guide to Bootstrap
  5. JavaScript Programming – Learn by creating a cross-platform game
  6. Create interactive pages wiht JavaScript and the DOM API
  7. Discovery jQuery – Create interactive websites
  8. Responsive admin pages with Semantic UI
  9. Node.js for beginners – Create server-side apps with JavaScript
  10. Advanced JavaScript and ES6
  11. Express for beginners
  12. MongoDB for beginners
  13. Server-side rendered webapps with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  14. Create REST APIs with Express and MongoDB
  15. Build web applications with React
  16. Intro to Next.js
  17. Project-Based Next.js – Games website
  18. intermediate React and Redux
  19. Introduction to GraphQL
  20. TypeScript for beginners
  21. Learn Angular by creating a web application
  22. Version control with Git and Github
  23. AWS deployment for Node.js applications
  24. Azure deployment for Node.js applications

In total there are more than 50 hours of video. At the end of the mini-degree a certificate is awarded by Zenva Academy.

The normal price of the mini-degree is 1,200$ but with the current offer you can buy for 59$ and have access to the lessons for life.

Click here to view the mini-degree course

Personally I know Zenva and I think it is a highly recommended offer. I am currently studying the mini-degree “Master Unity Game Development” and I am really enjoying it.

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