Hallandora (Mistress of Demons)

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New card for my Trading Card Game Rada Quest. V4 is still a great choice!

Created by Marcos DK

Made with Daz Studio (Iray) + Photoshop

Resources list (you can help me at no cost by following this affiliate links):

The Girl (V4):
Iray Converter for Genesis and Generation 4 Bundle
Blood Bound
Mademoiselle for Light Mage
DMs Summoner
Elven Desire Outfit V4
Epic Flail!

The monster:
Krampus HD for Genesis 8 Male
dForce Skyhaven Outfit for Genesis 8 Male

Background and Effects:
Atrophy Iray Addon
Ron’s Steam and Smoke
Ron’s Particles

How I made it

I created 2 renders in Daz Studio; the background and the characters. At this steep it is very important to pay attention to lighting.

I merged the layers in Photoshop and apply several environment effects with Deviney brushes.

To finish the picture, I applied some filters with Nik Tools and NTopaz.

You can buy this picture in Ultra-High Definition format (3500×2800) in Rada Quest store