Colonize Mars: An Update to the Roadmap

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Getting to Mars: a dream for many, almost a reality for very few. Such is the case of the billionaire company SpaceX (of Elon Musk) that seeks to take you to Mars as if it were a trip to the beach (although quite expensive so far, since it is estimated that the trip will cost about $ 10,000,000,000. However, Elon says he’s looking to reduce those costs.)

And, this has taken a lot of popularity recently; many are those who believe that the earth in a few years will cease to be “habitable” and think that we must seek a “new place for humanity”. Whether this is almost a reality or a total fantasy, it is something that is always fascinating for fans or collectors; anything that has to do with Mars, can be a gem for many.

Wax likes the Space

And speaking of colony and space projects, Wax’s blockchain has done well with space games, as Alien Worlds, R-Planet, and Colonize Mars are now among the top three collections of NFTs on sites like DappRadar. These projects generally do not sell the most expensive NFTs, but manage to generate a large volume of exchanges. The easy access and low transaction costs, make the Wax blockchain a suitable environment for games that focus heavily on transactions with NFTs.

Colonize Mars

Well, since we’re in space, let’s talk a little bit about this project: there are so many Mars fans, so many, that this euphoria has reached the world of NFTs, remember that we recently published something from R-Planet, which is about this same theme? Well, there’s also a project called Colonize Mars.

The concept

Colonize Mars is an NFT trading card game, in which players must collect vehicles and equipment (and where they can also obtain the game’s utility token: Martia Token) for the first phase of the colonization of Mars. The combination of three common (standard) cards gives you an uncommon (shadow). Three uncommon cards become a rare (stainless steel),and this same mechanic follows the epic (gold) and finally, legendary (dark matter).

Ultimately, players can merge three legendary cards and get one super rarecard. However, these are unique and there are only 20 of them. The‘Fission Reactor One’ that sold for $80,000 is one such card.

Ownership cards have a 1:1 ratio to unique pieces of equipment or vehicles on our colony map. The more each player owns, the higher their ranking in the ownership standings.

— Colonize Mars Team.

Colonize Mars: An Update to Your Roadmap

Colonize Mars, is a project based on NFT that was just recently released and therefore, underwent some updates to its Roadmap (and quite possibly will undergo other updates in the future); this is also normal on projects that are so popular. Here’s an overview of the Colonize Mars Roadmap:

The Roadmap

Our ultimate vision is to create an NFT gaming app where players can collect resources, earn in-game money (Martia Token) and build their own colonies within our interactive map.

— Colonize Mars Team.


April 2021
Phase 1 of the project is the pre-game phase, where the Colonize Mars team does all the design and expansion of the colony. Players can participate by purchasing one or more cards in,purchasing packages, creating better cards to prepare for the game, and obtaining ones that represent elements of the Martian colony.


September 2021
Phase 2 of the project introduces a basic game on the interactive map. Players can participate by creating an identity on,stakeing one or more of their cards to colony items, and earning Martia Tokens (our in-game currency) through colony maintenance. All cards involved in the game Colonize Mars, are NFTs.


First half of 2022
Phase Three opens the game outside the colony through sustainable mining missions. Players can select expedition-ready colony items, choose a plot of land from the Martian landscape and extract it for ore if the earth’s health index is high, or restore the land if its health index is low. Each mission will also have a small chance of making a scientific discovery.


Second half of 2022
In Phase 4, players will be able to purchase land surrounding the colony, which will give them surface and mineral rights. They will be able to use the surface rights to build structures and use the mineral rights to own resources that come from the soil.

See the full version of the Roadmap here.

A somewhat extensive Roadmap

It is remarkable that its Roadmap is extensive in terms of the time to be met each objective. Usually, projections are expected to be a little shorter in time, however, it is normal that work teams want to take their time to develop everything in the best way and with as few failures as possible. Despite all this, there is no denying that its future projection is very interesting and that anyone can be attracted to this Martian project.

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